Thursday, October 24, 2013

Shine Restaurant Intrigues Me

Writing a blog about food in Boulder, I am contacted fairly often by people looking for a mention on my site, and I almost universally ignore those requests, but one received recently really caught my eye.  It was regarding Shine restaurant and brewery, at 2027 13th Street, near the Boulderado, owned by the triplets (and all J's) Jennifer, Jessica and Jill Emich.  Not only is the restaurant women-owned, it features more Boulder-centric attributes (let's start with gluten free, largely organic and locally sourced, community-oriented, and even paleo-focused) than I could begin to describe, so I'll let the email I received speak for itself:

With an emphasis on building community through food, talk, and dance, Shine has become more than just a restaurant – it’s a movement.

“We are evolving into exactly what we had in mind when we launched Shine,” said sister Jill. “We wanted to create a space that embodies Boulder and all that we are as sisters. Our paleo-focused menu is meant to enhance health and nutrition. We also brew our own beer, make our own potions, serve nearly all organic and locally sourced food, and have a fantastic event area.

Little-known facts about Shine:

  • The only paleo-focused restaurant in the state.
  • 100% Gluten Free kitchen including all breads made onsite.
  • Every menu item, except beer, is gluten-free (but they do have their own house brewed gluten free Liberation Ale on tap!).
  • The only female-owned and operated brewery in the state.
  • Up to 95% of all food is locally sourced from organic farmers.
  • Only restaurant in the world where magical potions are brewed and bottled ON SITE of their own recipes.
  • The only gluten-free beer on tap in the state.
  • Colorado’s only place for herbal beer.
  • Hosts a dance party, RADIATE Unified Dance Party, every Saturday night.
  • Keeps prices affordable and accessible by not doing typical restaurant markup.
  • Shine and the sisters are big contributors in supporting local economy through supporting farmers, their teas, coffees, sodas, many of their liquors, the artwork and more.  They host many fundraisers and small business launches including 5+ flood benefits in the past few weeks.   They have built a place where the community can share their gifts, and SHINE from the heart through music, movement, networking, workshops and more.
Eileen back again - As you can imagine, since this blog is focused on cooking at home with natural foods bought locally, I don't exactly get out much to restaurants, but I've definitely put this one on my radar.  Their website is available here, and I love how much fun the triplet owners are having in their photo.

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