Monday, August 31, 2015

Another Advertising Snafu? Nope!

First there was the issue of Sprouts this week claiming fresh Copper River salmon at a great price, which we all knew couldn't be true, and yesterday it appeared to be fresh local corn at Whole Foods. Whole Foods' online flyer still said four ears of corn for $1 when I checked again yesterday, but when I was in the Pearl Street store, what I found was signage for five for $2 for both Olathe and beloved local Munson corn. No complaints here, as that's actually better than 50 cents an ear at the Munson farmstand, although it's probably not just a few hours from the field like at the farmstand. Update - looking at my receipt, I was charged four ears for $1 for Munson's, in agreement with the sale flyer and deal of the year! It's just the signage in the store that's off.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Boulder Farmers' Market Today

Enjoy your chance to visit the Boulder Farmers' Market, newly minted by USA Today as the best in the country, from 8 to 2 today. (Also out at the fairgrounds in Longmont, slightly shorter hours there.) Maybe better to get there earlier than later, before the temperatures top 90 degrees. Here's what the Farmers' Market says to expect in these glorious days of late summer produce:

In Season Now 

watermelon, cantaloupe, peppers, tomatoes, peaches, sweet corn, carrots, summer squash, beets, potatoes, raspberries, kale, chard, green beans, garlic, basil, and more

Friday, August 28, 2015

Red Wagon CSA Distribution

Here's what Red Wagon Organic Farm has been distributing in its CSA pickup this week. Edamame! Shishito peppers! Shishitos are my new fave, having been first introduced to them via last year's CSA. Here's what Red Wagon says, complete with pretty pictures:

Here’s what we hope to bring you this week:
Regular Share
-Choice: Tomatoes OR Beans
-Choice: Kale OR Collards OR Chard
-Choice: Lettuce OR Arugula
Large Share Additions
-Choice: Bell Peppers OR Shishito
-Extra Choice: Kale OR Collards OR Chard
Tuscan Kale
Tuscan Kale

Green Curly Kale
Green Curly Kale

Thursday, August 27, 2015

"Taste Of Tomato" Saturday

That rite of late summer that appeals to gourmands, gardeners, and fans of tomatoes in general will be held this Saturday, the 29th, from 10 am to 1 pm in Gateway Park, 4800 N. 28th Street. People bring all kinds of tomatoes they've grown, from cherry to beefsteaks, and with lots and lots of varieties therein. Admission is free if you bring three or more large ones of one variety or ten cherry tomatoes, also within a variety (bring a card to identify). Otherwise it's $5 to get your tomato fix and possibly open some new tomato horizons for your garden.

Weekend Sale At Whole Foods

I'm not familiar with this product, but Whole Foods is offering a special sale on Garden of Life organic plant protein powders, select varieties at $19.99 each, for tomorrow through Sunday.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sprouts' Copper River Typo

This doesn't surprise me at all. The fresh Copper River coho salmon fillets advertised in today's new Sprouts flyer ("famous...among the best in the world!") for $8.99 a pound aren't Copper River, but in fact basic coho, per my visit to the Baseline Sprouts this morning. Still a very good price.

One-Day Sale At Whole Foods Today

For today only, the 26th, Whole Foods has NY strip steaks for $13.99 a pound. That's a very good price and their steaks are excellent, but I've already indulged too much recently in the brief sales Alfalfa's ran on organic boneless ribeyes for the ridiculous price of $9.99 a pound.

This Week's Hot Grocery Deals (IMHO)

We have new sales starting today at our Boulder Sprouts and Whole Foods stores, and I need to check out what new might be happening at Vitamin Cottage. For the first two, here's what's looking good to me now.

Sprouts will be doing another of its 72 hour sales this Friday through Sunday, when avocado fans will be pleased to see Hass ones at three for $1. I'm also liking the 26/30 count previously frozen ez peel raw shrimp at just $4.99 a pound, limit 10 pounds (maybe get some that are still frozen and stock up).

In Sprouts regular sale today through September 2nd (September already!), I'm liking bone-in country style ribs (great on the grill) or shoulder roast for just $1.99 a pound, whole or split fresh chickens $1.69 a pound, Rosie organic chicken grill packs $3.49 a pound, chicken Italian sausage (pork also) $3.99 a pound, and chicken breast tenders are $2.49 a pound. In fish, fresh Copper River coho salmon fillets are $8.99 a pound, and we must be nearing the end of the fresh wild salmon season, so get it while you can UPDATE - see the post a couple above regarding Sprouts' typo on this one. It's basic coho, not Copper River, which make a whole lot more sense.  Back to the ad, huge 13/15 count previously frozen raw ez peel shrimp are $9.99 a pound, previously frozen wild Alaskan cod fillets are $8.49 a pound, and I'd be curious to check out the previously frozen wild swordfish at $5.99 a pound, as the last time I saw it there, it was domestic instead of the usual Indonesia or Singapore.

In produce, I usually only cover organic produce, but I have to mention Olathe corn at six ears for $1. Back to the organic produce, grape tomatoes are $2.50 a pint, Pink Lady apples are 98 cents a pound, red or green seedless grapes are $2.50 a pound, and three-packs of romaine hearts are $1.98 each. Elsewhere in the store, the focus is on a Sprouts brand sale, with lots of products on sale throughout grocery, dairy and frozen. I might just try Sprouts' own brand of extra virgin olive oil at just $6.99 for a liter (plus it's non-gmo certified), as Whole Foods yesterday was out of stock on the 365 brand I usually buy.

Whole Foods new sale lasts through September 15th, but this week's sale flyer pdf online is in a different format than they used to do, and it looks like fewer products are listed (looks might be deceptive though). I'm liking their great in-house brined pork loin chops at $5.99 a pound, Pine Manor's air-chilled split chicken breasts at $3.99 a pound, and made in house sriricha fried chicken looks dangerously tempting at $7.99 a pound. If the fresh Copper River coho at Sprouts doesn't grab you, Whole Foods is offering wild coho salmon fillets at $12.99 a pound (river not specified in the flyer, nor is fresh/frozen, but presumably fresh). Once Sprouts' one week sale on sweet corn is done, it's good to know that sweet corn will still be available for another two weeks at Whole Foods at the slightly higher but still excellent price of four ears for $1. This new flyer format doesn't show a whole lot else around the store, but made in house heirloom tomato and corn salad appeals at $7.99 a pound.

One-Day Sale At Lucky's Today

Lucky's Markets in both Boulder and Longmont are doing a one-day sale for today only on private label grocery department items. Here's what they say:

Food Glorious Food

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Classes At Louisville Alfalfa's

The Alfalfa's store in Louisville has a couple of pretty interesting classes coming up, for which you can sign up on their website or at customer service. Tomorrow evening from 7 to 8:30 pm, there will be a free Nutrition 101 class focusing on metabolism. On Friday, their calendar has a Plant Based Cooking Class from 6 to 8:30 pm with Lailina Wisoff, at a very reasonable $5 charge. Friday is also the start of a three day back to school sale.

A Pretty Funny "Sale"

I love Alfalfa's, but its locations downtown and in Louisville are pretty hard for me to get to, so I don't often put them in my sale features. I did happen to find myself in both of those stores last week and was most amused by their sale on my favorite Munson's local corn, a sale I subsequently found to be also in their flyer. The sale is five ears for $5, and in Louisville, the sale sign actually said "save $4.95!". C'mon folks. Munson's beautiful local corn is 50 cents an ear every day at their farm stand at 75th and Valmont, and probably that same price at the Boulder Farmers' Market. I love Alfalfa's fervent promotion of fine local foods and recognize that convenience can be everything in what people are willing to pay, but calling $1 an ear a sale rather stretches credulity. Even Whole Foods was doing it at three ears for $1 a couple of weeks ago.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Boulder Wins Best Market

The final results of USA Today's national poll of best farmers' markets were actually announced on Friday, but sorry that this was just too busy a weekend for me to get this great news posted. The Boulder Farmers' Market won best in the country! It was a squeaker, as it was in second place during much of the polling time. You can see the final top 10 here (I wonder what guy's butt is so prominently featured in the picture used for Boulder), and here's part of what the Farmers' Market said:

We are thrilled and extremely grateful to be voted the best farmers market in the country on USA TODAY! Thank you to our incredible staff, Board, vendors, customers, and founders for your part in making this market so wonderful. Thanks for all of your votes, and hope to see you at the market tomorrow!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Stress Webinar From Sprouts

Tomorrow evening, Sprouts will be hosting a one hour webinar, Take a Rest from your Stress. Details and registration to view it are available here.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Boulder Farmers' Market Today

It's a glorious time to be eating lots of tomatoes and corn. Here's what the Boulder Farmers' Market says for today (plus there's lots more too, including a chef cooking demo at the Boulder market and kids making farm animal windsocks for free in Longmont):

In Season Now 

tomatoes, peaches, sweet corn, carrots, summer squash, beets, potatoes, raspberries, kale, chard, green beans, garlic, basil, and more. Cut flowers include gladioli, dahlias, and sunflowers.

Friday, August 21, 2015

This Week;s Red Wagon CSA

Here's what was in my CSA pickup from Red Wagon Organic Farm this week. Hearty height of summer kind of stuff:

Here’s what we hope to bring you:

-Choice: Kale OR Collards OR Chard
-Choice: Beets OR Carrots
-Choice: Tomatoes OR Beans
-Choice: Onions OR Shallots

-Large Share Additions
-Beets AND Carrots
-Tomatoes AND Beans

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Chip 'N Dale's Party Saturday

Superior Liquor, obviously in Superior, has long been a supporter of animals in general, and the Boulder Valley Humane Society in particular. This Saturday, the 22nd, they'll be hosting another of their adorably named Chip 'N Dale's parties, at which you can get your dog or cat micro-chipped and also enjoy Oskar Blues samples, known for their Dale's Pale Ale. The Humane Society will be micro-chipping for just $10 from 9 am to noon, while from 11 to 1, you can sample Dale's Pale Ale and Oskar Blues' bbq grilled beer can chicken for free. And the graphic Superior has for this event is superior in its own right, with a dog and cat flanking a can of Dale's Pale while sporting the Chippendales' iconic bow ties and white cuffs. Being animals, they don't have to wear the teeny skivvies the Chippendales strip down to.

One-Day Sale At Whole Foods Tomorrow

For tomorrow only, the 21st, in-house roasted whole chickens will be available at Whole Foods for just $5 each. I know what dinner will be in my house tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Alfalfa's Does Ribeyes Again

Alfalfa's just posted another one-day sale on their fantastic boneless organic ribeye steaks for only $9.99 a pound today, 60% off (are these guys messing with my cholesterol by these temptations?), plus a three-day sale on frozen food for the weekend, and a nice coupon for $25 off a $100 purchase. Here's what they say, and apologies that it will cut off on the right:


This Week's Hot Grocery Deals (IMHO)

We have a new sale starting today at our Boulder Sprouts stores, while the current one continues at Whole Foods through August 26th (look several posts below for that one). There also should be something new happening at Vitamin Cottage, as their past sale just ended, must try to check that out. Here's what's looking good to me now.

At Sprouts through August 26th, value packs of boneless skinless chicken breasts are $1.88 a pound, center-cut pork loin chops (roast also) are $2.99 a pound, their quite good stuffed chicken breasts are also $2.99 a pound, all chicken sausages are $3.99 a pound, boneless New York steaks are $8.99 a pound, and previously frozen 16/20 count raw ez peel shrimp are $6.99 a pound. Fresh farmed salmon fillets are $6.99 a pound, with no fresh wild advertised. If you find you need to go farther afield for that, Safeway is advertising fresh wild sockeye salmon fillets for $7.99 a pound, club price, while King Soopers has fresh wild coho fillets for $9.99 a pound, also with card.

In organic produce at Sprouts, curly green, Lacinato or red Russian kale are all just 88 cents a bunch, grape tomatoes are $2 a pint, red, green or black seedless grapes are $2.88 a pound (although better through today at $1.77 a pound in last week's sale that ends on today's overlap Wednesday), six ounces of raspberries are $2.88 each, as are one pound containers of strawberries. Elsewhere in the store, I'm liking 1.25 liter bottles of Crystal Geyser sparkling water at 77 cents each, Voskos Greek yogurts at 99 cents each, some evol burritos $2 each, all Green Valley organics products 25% off, 13 ounce Bonne Maman preserves in those lovely jars for $2.99 each, and the big 28 ounce size of Muir Glen organic tomatoes $2 a can. Plus Sprouts is supporting Vitamin Angels this week, donating 25 cents for each purchase tagged with an angel to help get important vitamins to at-risk kids.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Whole Foods Has Roasted Chiles

At least at the Pearl Street store. They are $2.99 a pound, come in rather large containers in the refrigerated section in the produce department, and freeze well to use across the winter, so long as you lay them flat in the bag rather than letting them get balled up. Instead of Hatch NM chiles, this year Whole Foods is going with ones from Pueblo, calling them "local." For truly local, I'm looking forward to the ones Full Circle Farm will hopefully be roasting soon at the Boulder Farmers' Market. Those also have the advantage of being identified by chile type, unlike the ones at Whole Foods that were simply tagged "mild" or not indicated at all. I love to play with the differences between Big Jims, the ever unpredictable heat of mild to hot Sandias, and those diabolical Dynamites.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Boulder's Back In First Place!

Voting closes at 10 am Colorado time today in USA Today's national poll of best farmers' markets. When I voted today, the Boulder Farmers' Market had regained the number one position. You can vote here, and there surely will be a frenzy of last minute voting for all those other fine folks as well. Someday I'd love to see the market in Coventry, Connecticut, currently in 14th place. There's amazing variety among the front-runners: the largest cities in the country pitted against some of the smallest towns.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Last Two Days To Vote

Tomorrow is the last day to vote in USA Today's poll of the best farmers' markets in the country. The Boulder Farmers' Market is currently number two, after briefly capturing top choice in the past couple of days. Since you can vote daily, you have two more chances to do it here. And they really do mean daily - after you vote, the site gives you a countdown by the second to your next voting opportunity. Boulder is currently trailing Burlington Vermont, with heavy hitters Atlanta, Madison Wisconsin, Santa Monica, Santa Fe, Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle right behind it, with plenty more following. There surely will be a frenzy of last minute voting, so let's try to get Boulder Farmers' Market back where it belongs, as the very best in the country!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Boulder Farmers' Market Today

Nice warm day for the Boulder Farmers' Market today, probably best to get out earlier rather than later to avoid 95 degree heat. Love this time of year, with the abundance of summer produce. Here's what the Market says to expect:

In Season Now 

sweet corn, tomatoes, peaches, nectarines, plums, carrots, summer squash, beets, potatoes, kale, Swiss chard, green beans, garlic, arugula, basil, and more. Cut flowers include gladioli, dahlias, and sunflowers.  

P.S. Since it's August 15th, happy birthday to my chef friend Ms. R., and cook something in memory of the birthday of Julia Child!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Weekend Sale At Alfalfa's

And it's a good one. Scottish salmon will be farmed, but the highest quality. We had those ribeyes when they first did this incredible sale about a month ago, and they were fabulous. What a price! Here's what Alfalfa's says:

THREE DAY SALEFriday Aug 14th Through Sunday Aug 16th

Red Wagon's CSA This Week

Here's what Red Wagon Organic Farm has been distributing in its CSA pickup this week. I'm so glad they have a biweekly option, as the pickups have become so abundant, there's no way a family our size could cope with a weekly one. So the delicate things like beet greens get first priority for use, while those that can last a little longer, like the beets themselves, wait a bit until we can fit them in. And I made a dynamite kohlrabi and carrot salad with those space alien kohlrabi that came in last week's pickup. Here's the news from Red Wagon:

Here’s what we hope to bring you this week:
Field of Kale
Field of Kale – Haystack Farm
Regular Share
-Choice: Kohlrabi or Squash Blossoms
-Choice: Chard OR Green Curly Kale OR Tuscan Kale OR Collard Greens
Large Share Additions
-Heirloom Tomatoes
-Extra Choice: Chard OR Green Curly Kale OR Tuscan Kale OR Collard Greens

Fruit Share
-We HOPE, HOPE, HOPE to have PEACHES! They are supposed to be delivered on Monday. Fingers crossed!!

Lafayette Peach Festival Tomorrow

The ever-popular Peach Festival in Lafayette will be from 9 to 4 tomorrow, with tons of food and activities, including peach pies, cobblers, smoothies, and 30,000 pounds of organic Morton's Palisade peaches. Details from Lafayette can be found here.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Heads Up Re Vitamin Cottage Sale

While you're enjoying today's 60th anniversary party at Vitamin Cottage, don't forget there are only a couple more days of the current sale there, too. My post on that dates all the way back to July 14th. How is summer flying by so quickly?

Reminder Re Vitamin Cottage Party

Just a reminder that today is the day for the big 60th anniversary party at Vitamin Cottage (aka Natural Grocers). Look down several posts for details on that one.

Weekend Sale At Whole Foods

Whole Foods is offering us a very nice duo of sales for this weekend. For tomorrow through Sunday, all supplements will be 25% off, a particularly nice sale if like me, you favor some products only available there, like their own brand of already reasonably priced multivitamins. In a four day sale lasting through Monday, the line of Tender & True pet food will be 20 to 40% off. Among other things, Tender & True boasts the first dry cat food actually made with seafood certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, wow.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

BOGO Entree At Mad Greens

Many thanks to the fine folks at Mile High on the Cheap for the tip that Mad Greens is offering BOGO entrees through September 6th for online orders. Mad Greens has a location in the 29th Street complex. Click here for the details from MHOTC.

This Week's Hot Grocery Deals (IMHO)

We have new sales starting today at our Boulder Sprouts and Whole Foods stores, while the current long-lasting one at Vitamin Cottage will draw to a close this Saturday, the 15th. Here's what's looking good to me now.

At Sprouts through August 19th, I'm liking sirloin tip roast or steak for $3.99 a pound. Heck, cut that up for stew beef, which they are advertising as being on sale at $5.49 a pound. Any size package of boneless skinless chicken breasts is $2.99 a pound, while Rosie organic boneless skinless ones are $7.99 a pound. Bone-in country style pork ribs, spare ribs or pork shoulder roast are all $2.99 a pound. In seafood, 21/25 count previously frozen raw ez peel shrimp are $6.49 a pound, but I'm afraid there isn't much else hitting me this week in that department. No form of salmon is advertised, but in a pinch, Safeway still lists fresh wild Alaskan sockeye fillets at $7.99 a pound with card.

In organic produce at Sprouts, grapes are great, with red, green or black seedless ones all $1.77 a pound. Big one pound clamshells of some Earthbound Farm salads are $4.88 each, table carrots are $2.88 for a five pound bag, and strawberries, raspberries and blackberries are all $2.88 a container (one pound for the strawberries, six-ish ounces for the others). I don't buy much conventional produce, but you have to take note of pineapples at just 77 cents each.

Elsewhere in the store at Sprouts, there's a Frozen Frenzy, with 20% off the current price of everything frozen (with a wintry Jackson Hole ski adventure sweepstakes to go with it). I'm also liking some Siggi's Icelandic style yogurts at $1 each, bulk pepper jack cheese at $3.99 a pound, some Terra chips at $2.50 a bag, and there's a special where if you buy $10 in Horizon products, you save an extra $3.

At Whole Foods through August 26th, I'm liking country style pork ribs or shoulder roast at $4.99 a pound (you can get bone-in this week at Sprouts for $2.99 but the ones at Whole Foods are boneless, and American Homestead pork is very fine). Organic heirloom tomatoes are $3.98 a pound, six ounce containers of organic raspberries at $2.50 each beat Sprouts' price, and it's time for Rocky Ford cantaloupes, with large ones $2.98 each. In bulk coffee, Allegro breakfast blend is $7.99 a pound, and elsewhere, you'll find family packs of Applegate sliced roasted turkey for $4.99 each, and Whole Foods' own blueberry coffee cakes look tempting at $3.99 each.

One-Day Sale At Whole Foods Today

Must be back-to-school time, as you check out today's one-day sale at our local Whole Foods stores:

Wed, Aug 12th


2 FOR $6

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Fresh Maine Lobster At Cured

The lovely one-of-a-kind store Cured on Pearl Street will have a particularly special Friday fish this week, with fresh Maine lobsters being sent by their fisherman friends. Here's what they say, noting that orders must be placed by noon tomorrow.

I asked Will what he wanted to do to mark this birthday and his answer came in approximately 1.3 seconds. Eat lobster and drink wine. Lucky for us we have a pretty Maine_Lobsterwell stocked, all-be-it miniature wine shop at our fingertips and Will just so happens to have an uncle in Maine who has access to the most incredible fresh Lobster we have ever tasted. Don’t worry, we’re not going to leave you out! Instead, for this week’s Fresh FishFriday, we are bringing in a pretty special delivery of fresh Maine lobster, right out of the ocean and onto your plate.  As a child, Will spent a huge amount of time in Maine, just down the road from where is mother grew up, and with a lot of family still in the area, it seems like each and every one has a friend who is a lobster fisherman.  His Uncle John happens to know our favorite, and his good friend, Troy, from Plant Seafood in Bath, is on the hook to ship a monstrous box out this way Thursday, arriving to the shop Friday afternoon.  If you’d like to put your name down for a lobster, two, or ten, give us a shout at the shop.   Lobsters will be in the 1 and ¼ pound range, will still be snapping away (at least if you were to take the rubber bands off their claws), and cost $24 each. Orders must be placed by Wednesday (tomorrow!) at noon and Lobsters will be shipped our way Thursday and ready for your dinner Friday

Supplement Sale Tomorrow At Lucky's

For tomorrow only, the 12th, all supplements will be 30% off at Lucky's Market in both the Boulder and Longmont locations. Yippee!

Bees And Our Food

NPR (via Colorado Public Radio) today broadcast two back-to-back fascinating features on bees, particularly as they relate to our food. Click to hear or read the transcript for the first and the second. I sure didn't know honey bees are essentially our food slaves, living in man-made constructions and trucked around the country to pollinate various crops. No wonder they're dying off.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Big Party At Vitamin Cottage

In honor of its 60th anniversary, Vitamin Cottage (aka Natural Grocers) will be throwing a big celebration at all its locations all day this Thursday, August 13th. They promise cooking demos, a free limited edition anniversary reusable bag, coloring books, prize drawings, 60% off some items, plus from 4:00 to 6:00, there will be an ice cream social, with sundaes and root beer floats.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Keep Voting For Boulder Farmers Market!

The Boulder Farmers Market remains in second place, trailing Burlington VT but ahead of a lot of heavy hitters, in USA Today's poll for ten best farmers' markets in the country. You can vote daily here (and they really mean it - after you vote, the site gives you a countdown right to the second until you are next eligible to vote), but the window for voting is closing in about a week. Show some local love!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Alfalfa's Body Care Sale

Alfalfa's is doing 20% off all body care this weekend:

Pamper yourself this weekend with 20% off all body care products from our wellness department Friday through SundayCheck out many more amazing deals in our new sales flyer.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Boulder Farmers' Market Tomorrow

What better time to enjoy the Boulder Farmers' Market than during National Farmers Market Week? Plus there will be a Stone Fruit Fest at the downtown market to celebrate all those fruits like peaches coming in. Here's what they say to expect:

In Season Now 

peaches, nectarines, plums, tomatoes, carrots, summer squash, beets, potatoes, kale, Swiss chard, green beans, garlic, arugula, basil, and more. Cut flowers include gladioli, dahlias, and sunflowers.  

Plus, here's part of what they about the Stone Fruit Fest:

Celebrate delicious, mouth-watering local stone fruits (peaches, plums, and nectarines) at the Boulder Farmers Market on Saturday, August 8 from 8am to 2pm, as a part of National Farmers Market Week. 

8:00-9:30am: Peach Tasting (until supplies last, which we imagine won't be long!)

9:00-10:00am: FoodSaver vacuum seal demo and giveaways through Farmers Market Coalition 

10:00-11:00am: stone fruit-inspired Chef Demo with The Kitchen in the food court

11:30am-12:00pm: Stone Fruit Bake-Off judging in the food court 

All day: live music, Stone Fruit Haiku Contest, and free kid's activities including stone fruit jewelry-making, coloring, face painting, and peach paper mache.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Red Wagon's CSA Pickup

Here's the content of my wonderful Red Wagon Organic Farm pickup this week. I continue to be amazed at how devoted and resourceful they are to continue to bring us great veggies despite this spring's impossible growing conditions. In fact the Daily Camera today had an article about how hard the weather this year has been on local farmers. Yet the bounty from Red Wagon:

This week we hope to bring you the following:

Regular Share
-Choice: Carrots OR Kohlrabi
-Choice: Flat-Leaf OR Curly Leaf Parsley
-Choice: Chard OR Green Curly Kale OR Tuscan Kale OR Leeks

Large Share Additions
-Double Zucchini
-Extra Choice: Chard OR Green Curly Kale OR Tuscan Kale OR Leeksl

Don't forget to bring your bags!

Weekend Sales At Whole Foods

Our local Whole Foods stores are offering us a quintet of special sales for tomorrow through Sunday. Here's what they say:

Aug 7-9th


$4.99 EA
Aug 7-9th


$4.99 EA
Aug 7-9th


10 FOR $10
Aug 7-9th



Wednesday, August 5, 2015

This Week's Hot Grocery Deals (IMHO)

We have new sales starting today at our Boulder Sprouts stores, while the current one continues at Whole Foods through August 11th, and at Vitamin Cottage through the 15th (look below for those). Here's what's looking good to me now.

At Sprouts, first of all, they'll be doing another 72 hour sale this weekend, from Friday through Sunday, where the standout to me is Olathe sweet corn at five for $1. Much as I love my local Munson corn, it will be hard to resist Olathe when it's practically being given away. In Sprouts' regular sale today through the 12th, I'm liking fresh ground chicken at $2.99 a pound, whole or split chickens $1.69 a pound, chicken Italian sausage (pork also) $3.99 a pound, and pork tenderloin $2.77 a pound. Chicken breast tenders are also $2.77 a pound, but you'd do much better picking up the boneless skinless chicken breasts that are $1.88 a pound in the overlapping Wednesday sale that ends today. In fish, huge 13/15 count previously frozen raw ez peel shrimp are $7.99 a pound, and wild cod fillets have been better than their current $8.49 a pound. Fresh farmed salmon is $6.99 a pound, although I'd definitely go for wild in this fresh wild season. Sprouts isn't advertising its price on that this week, but keep in mind that fresh wild sockeye fillets are $7.99 a pound with card at both Safeway and King Soopers this week if you need an alternative.

In produce at Sprouts, the big news to me is in conventional rather than my usual organic, as avocado fans will be pleased to see Hass avocados at three for $1. In organic produce, on-the-vine cluster tomatoes are stunning at 98 cents a pound (pair them with that fresh mozzarella on sale at Whole Foods), baby carrots are $1.50 for a one pound bag, red bell peppers are $1.50 each, and strawberries, blueberries, raspberries or blackberries are all $2.88 a container (six-ish ounces for all but the strawberries, which are one pound). Elsewhere in the store, I'm liking all Kashi products 30% off, plus when you buy four of them (except Golean cereal cups), you'll also save $4 on fresh produce. I detest coconut, but since so many people like it, I might as well mention that a whole lot of coconut products are 25% off.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ideas For Local Corn

With fabulous local Munson's corn now available, I'm on the lookout for new ways to use it, although you just can't go wrong with plain old corn on the cob. The New York Times has come up with some intriguing possibilities, at least one of which also contends with zucchini.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer Vegetables

Tis the season to revel in the abundance of summer vegetables. This morning I received an email from Food and Wine magazine with their Ultimate Summer Vegetable Recipes guide, quite timely. Meanwhile I'm racing to use the last of my Red Wagon Organic Farm CSA pickup, before it's time for the pleasure of picking up more. The leeks will go into a potato and leek chowder tonight, enhanced with the last two turnips as well (kind of winging it there), while the beets suggest an appropriate side to go Hungarian tomorrow with a chicken paprikash, particularly since Sprouts has boneless skinless chicken breasts for just $1.88 a pound through Wednesday. And there will be Munson's corn incorporated at every possible moment, of course.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Munson's Corn Price Lowers At Stand

We biked to the Munson farmstand at 75th and Valmont today (a pretty cool ride, despite temps around 90), and I was pleased to see that the price for their wonderful local corn has returned to two for $1. When the season first arrived a week or so ago, it was at three for $2, possibly still where it is at the downtown farmers' market, but when I can bike to both Munson's and Cure Organic Farm's store on the same corner, I generally prefer to avoid those downtown crowds.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Keep Voting For Boulder Farmers' Market!

Oh no, when I looked late yesterday, Boulder Farmers' Market had dropped to number 2 in the USA Today poll for best farmers' market in the country. Burlington VT had muscled into number 1, and there are plenty of heavy hitters, like NYC's Union Square market, San Francisco's Ferry Plaza, and the Santa Fe market lurking just behind. You can vote once a day, every day, until the poll closes in mid-August. Vote here! Keep Boulder weird, wonderful, and on top of the best.