Monday, August 31, 2015

Another Advertising Snafu? Nope!

First there was the issue of Sprouts this week claiming fresh Copper River salmon at a great price, which we all knew couldn't be true, and yesterday it appeared to be fresh local corn at Whole Foods. Whole Foods' online flyer still said four ears of corn for $1 when I checked again yesterday, but when I was in the Pearl Street store, what I found was signage for five for $2 for both Olathe and beloved local Munson corn. No complaints here, as that's actually better than 50 cents an ear at the Munson farmstand, although it's probably not just a few hours from the field like at the farmstand. Update - looking at my receipt, I was charged four ears for $1 for Munson's, in agreement with the sale flyer and deal of the year! It's just the signage in the store that's off.

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