Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Pretty Funny "Sale"

I love Alfalfa's, but its locations downtown and in Louisville are pretty hard for me to get to, so I don't often put them in my sale features. I did happen to find myself in both of those stores last week and was most amused by their sale on my favorite Munson's local corn, a sale I subsequently found to be also in their flyer. The sale is five ears for $5, and in Louisville, the sale sign actually said "save $4.95!". C'mon folks. Munson's beautiful local corn is 50 cents an ear every day at their farm stand at 75th and Valmont, and probably that same price at the Boulder Farmers' Market. I love Alfalfa's fervent promotion of fine local foods and recognize that convenience can be everything in what people are willing to pay, but calling $1 an ear a sale rather stretches credulity. Even Whole Foods was doing it at three ears for $1 a couple of weeks ago.

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