Saturday, April 30, 2016

Boulder Farmers' Market Today

Well, maybe not the most optimal weather day for strolling today's Boulder Farmers' Market, but think of the local fresh gems you could get if you made the effort (plus making a local farmer or two very happy). Here's what the Farmers' Market says:

At the Market this Saturday: 
overwintered spinach, tulips, pea shoots, asparagus, scallions, arugula, rhubarb, carrots, spicy greens, kale, Swiss chard, green garlic, walking onions, radishes, lettuce, herbs, micro-greens, hanging baskets & gardens starts

Friday, April 29, 2016

A Few Alfalfa's Specials

I rarely get a chance to get to Alfalfa's, much as I love the stores in Boulder in Louisville. Too bad, as they do so well with everything organic, and this week they have some specials that could be so helpful for Cinco de Mayo. I'd love the organic roma tomatoes at $1.49 a pound, and two house-made organic items, guacamole for $6.99 a pound, and pico de gallo just $3.99 a pound, perfect if you just don't have time to make your own. I'm also eyeing Di Parma prosciutto for $18.99 a pound, perhaps around $10 less than the norm, and it doesn't take much to add a special touch to a pasta or risotto. Might just have to make a special trip.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

CO Green Chili Pop-Up Saturday

Whole Foods reports they'll have a Colorado Green Chili pop-up this Saturday from noon to 6 pm at the Pearl Street store. There will be tastings during the pop-up, plus 20% off these products, and that part lasts all day. Other Whole Foods are also involved, but none others listed in Boulder.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

This Week's Hot Grocery Deals (IMHO)

We have new sales starting today at our Boulder Sprouts and Whole Foods stores, while the current long one at Vitamin Cottage continues through May 7th (look quite a few posts down for that one). Here's what's looking good to me now.

Sprouts will offer another 72-hour sale this weekend, Friday through Sunday, where I'm liking previously frozen 26/30 count wild Gulf shrimp for $6.99 a pound, some Tillamook yogurts three for $1, whole seedless watermelons 10 cents a pound, and pork baby back ribs $2.99 a pound, although the weekend's weather isn't looking so great for bbqs and picnics for the latter two.

In Sprouts' regular sale from today through May 4th, I'm liking whole or split fresh chickens $1.49 a pound, ground chicken, pork or chicken breast all $2.99 a pound, stew beef $3.99 a pound, and quite lean 93% lean ground sirloin $4.99 a pound. It's another week where their fish specials aren't truly calling me.

In organic produce at Sprouts, yellow peaches are $1.98 a pound (it will be a while before we see those beautiful ones from the Western Slope, so get started with an alternative), green curly kale bunches or cucumbers are 88 cents each, Bartlett pears are 98 cents a pound, and four pound bags of Valencia oranges are $2.98 each. In conventional produce, avocado fans will delight in Hass avocados at three for $1 (hope you're still reading, Ms. A.!). Elsewhere in the store, with Cinco de Mayo coming up, there are lots of "fiesta favorites" at 30% off. I'm also liking some Siggi's Icelandic style yogurts $1 each, Garden of Eatin' Cantina tortilla chips $2.50 for a big 13 ounce bag, bulk pepper jack cheese $1.99 a pound, and a line drive on Barbara's products at 40% off. For those in the market, there's also a baby sale, with some natural and organic baby essentials 25% off.

At Whole Foods through May 3rd, Hass avocados are $1 each, not in the league of Sprouts' three for $1, but the ones at Whole Foods tend to be larger. Organic Whole Trade mini watermelons are $3.99 each, wild domestic 21/25 count raw shrimp are $9.99 a pound, and fresh lake trout fillets sound tempting at $10.99 a pound. Frontera marinades and cooking sauces are $2 each to make Cinco de Mayo easier, and 365 brand organic extra virgin olive oil in the Mediterranean blend are on sale in both the liter and half liter sizes. Plus Whole Foods Market omega supplements are 50% off.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Boulder Kitchen Tour This Weekend

For those dreaming of kitchen improvements, this year's Dream Kitchens Tour will be this Saturday, the 30th (10-4) and Sunday the 1st (noon-4). It features "Boulder County's finest 'dream' kitchens," and benefits the I Have a Dream Foundation of Boulder County at $20 a ticket. Details can be found here.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Sprouts Webinar Tomorrow

Radiant skin sounds more to my liking than some of Sprouts' other wellness webinars. Tomorrow Sprouts will have a webinar on naturally radiant skin, details and registration here.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Two More Alfalfa's Events Tomorrow

Alfalfa's is busy these days. Both the Boulder and Louisville stores will host different events tomorrow, with these details from them:

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Louisville: Sunday 24th 4-6pm

Find out how diet choices can reduce pain and inflammation!
• Learn the best foods to avoid
• Learn the best foods to include
• The power of raw juices
• Key herbs and supplements
• How to build your own food plan
• Reduce common aches and pains:
     *Headache   *Joint aches   *Muscle soreness
• Prevent chronic illness
Get free expert advice on achieving your healthy goals from Todd Nelson, D.Sc., Naturopath.
Todd has been educating people in Colorado about
healthy nutrition and wellness for 33 years.
Sign up at Guest Services or CLICK right HERE!

Restoring Gut Health: Creating Digestive Wellness

Boulder: Sunday, April 24

with Todd Nelson D.Sc, Naturopath
Learn how to heal your gut with food and understand how to optimize digestion.
This class is great for those with IBS, GERD, Constipation, Diarrhea, Gas & Leaky Gut.
Sign up for this FREE class here.
- See more at:

Earth Day Continues At Alfalfa's

Earth Day has become something more like Earth Week around here. Tomorrow, the Alfalfa's in Louisville will celebrate with samples and outdoor grilling, plus Hippy Hemp Iced Chai and Dirt Milk Shakes, hmmmm. Here are the details from them:

Lovin the Local Earth Day Party

Louisville: Sunday 24th 11am - 2pm

Free Samples from our favorite LOCAL vendors!
Outdoor Grilling
1$ Chicken Hot Dogs
$4 Dirt Milk Shakes
$2 Hippy Hemp Iced Chai
- See more at:

Boulder Farmers' Market Today

What a difference a week makes in Boulder. Last Saturday we were facing a spring storm that brought a foot and a half of snow, and today is gorgeous, already shorts weather. So that means it's a great day to get to the Boulder Farmers' Market, and don't forget Alfalfa's a block away will be celebrating its "B'earthday," with details in my post just below about that. Here's what the Market says to expect for today:

At the Market this Saturday: 
pea shoots, asparagus, scallions, arugula, over-wintered spinach, rhubarb, carrots, spicy greens, kale, Swiss chard, green garlic, walking onions, radishes, lettuce, herbs, micro-greens, hanging baskets & gardens starts

Friday, April 22, 2016

Alfalfa's B'earthday Tomorrow

The second coming of our local Alfalfa's (I remember the original from the 80s that was bought out by Wild Oats, subsequently Whole Foods) opened five years ago on Earth Day. Its anniversary celebration is therefor a B'earthday party, which this year falls a day later to be on Saturday, the 23rd. Always lots of fun, and I'd bet some good samples. Here's what they say:

Boulder B’earthday

Boulder: Saturday, April 23rd, 11am-4pm

Beer Garden featuring Oskar Blues to benefit The Humane Society of Boulder Valley
Live Music
Face Painting
Free yoga @ 11am with Kelly Elle
B’earthday cake
Georgia Boys BBQ
$5 deals
Kids Activities
and tons more!
- See more at:

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Reconnective Healing At Alfalfa's

The Alfalfa's in Louisville will be offering a class in Reconnective Healing tomorrow evening. Here are the details from them, and balance and harmony sound so really good right now.

Benefits of Reconnective Healing

Louisville: Friday 22nd, 6-8pm

Recognized and supported by science, Reconnective Healing is a return to an optimal state of balance.
This powerful form of hands-off healing offers you the opportunity to attain lifelong optimal health and balance – physically, mentally, emotionally…and beyond!
Learn how you can come into a state of balance & harmony by connecting with this energy light & information.
See live demonstrations, observe the simplicity of Reconnective Healing and try it for yourself!
Mary Beth KennedyMA has been a Practitioner/Mentor of Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection since 2001.As an Associate Instructor, she travels with Eric Pearl & The Reconnection Teaching Team.
Natasha Henry, MA has been incorporating Reconnective Healing into her holistic health practice in Boulder for over two years. She experienced a powerful positive shift in her personal and professional life since doing this work.
Sign up at Guest Services or Click Right Here
- See more at:

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

This Week's Hot Grocery Deals (IMHO)

My, what a strange week for me, but let's get on with the new sales starting at our Boulder Sprouts and Whole Foods stores, while the current sale at Vitamin Cottage continues into May (look a few posts down for that one). Here's what's looking good to me now.

At Sprouts through April 27th, the big news is that the Vitamin & Body Care Extravaganza returns, with everything in that department 25% off. Time to get those products you know don't otherwise go on sale. Back to the regulars, in meat and fish, I'm liking value packs of fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts for just $1.69 a pound (and with those available, I'm perplexed by the tenders I like much less also on sale for $2.99 a pound), all chicken sausage $3.49 a pound, stuffed chicken breasts $2.99 a pound, ground pork $2.99 a pound (so good in Asian dishes), boneless beef ribeyes $12.99 a pound, and London broil $3.99 a pound. In fish, fresh farmed tilapia is $6.99 a pound, and ez peel very big 13/15 count raw shrimp $6.99 a pound.

In organic produce at Sprouts, green curly kale or red bunched beets are fantastic at 88 cents each, and Cameo apples are $1.88 a pound. (Plus mangos are on sale as they are everywhere else - why don't I care for mangos?) For those willing to eat conventional sweet corn, myself included, corn fiend that I am, it's starting to arrive at just 25 cents an ear. Elsewhere in the store, my favorite Blue Diamond Nut Thins are just $1.50 a box, Terra veggie chips are $2 a bag, local Noosa yoghurts are very low at $1.50 each, Home Run Inn's frozen pizzas (very good in a pinch) are $6.99 each, although we've seen those even lower, and all Back to Nature products are 40% off.

At Whole Foods through the 26th, many look like repeats from last week, so look several posts below for those if still going this week. The standouts to me are tequila lime salmon burgers $9.99 a pound, prepared buttermilk fried chicken dangerously tempting at $6.99 a pound, 365 organic chicken 20% off, four ounces of Changing Seas smoked salmon $4.99 each, various Passover offerings 50% off, Brown Cow's very good Greek yogurts just $1 each, Late July's Clasico tortilla chips $2 for a 5.5 ounce bag, and the bakery's lovely baby boule breads $1.59 each (although they're wonderful any day for hardly any more).

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Passover Recipe Guides

This Friday, April 22nd, is not only Earth Day but also the start of Passover at sunset. If you are looking for inspiration for your Seder table, check out these guides: Celebrate Passover... from Epicurious, The Passover Table from NYT Cooking, and 9 Perfect Plates for Passover from Whole Foods. Plus, for grain-free Paleo Passover options, go to our local yet national favorite, Elana's Pantry and pop Passover into the search box for lots of healthy options.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Earth Day At Vitamin Cottage

Earth Day is coming up this Friday, the 22nd. That usually means some good prices on things like earth-friendly cleaning products at many of our stores, but Vitamin Cottage (aka Natural Grocers) can be counted on for something special. In their current sale flyer, for the 22nd they will give you one free limited edition "happy earth" reusable shopping bag with your purchase, plus from 4 to 6 pm, they will do a "legendairy" tasting station, featuring organic and pasture-based cheese, yogurt, butter and organic sausages.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Boulder Farmers' Market Today

For us early risers, this is possibly a great window to enjoy a nice spring Boulder Farmers' Market while we can today. The Market won't open for another hour and a half, and so far in this epic storm prediction, minor rain is continuing at my house. Predictions are still for up to a foot of snow today, so I'd support those brave local farmers while the going is good. Here's what the Farmers' Market says to expect today. Green garlic, walking onions and pea shoots appear, along with all the other spring wonders - how could anyone resist?

At the Market this Saturday: 
scallions, arugula, over-wintered spinach, pea shoots, carrots, spicy greens, storage onions, kale, Swiss chard, green garlic, walking onions, radishes, lettuce, mizuna, herbs, micro-greens, hanging baskets & a wide variety of gardens starts. All-season long: beef, lamb, chicken, eggs, pork, mushrooms, honey, cheese & preserves

Friday, April 15, 2016

It's Wild Out There

With everyone stocking up before the storm, it's an absolute zoo at both Sprouts and Whole Foods. Still, a good idea to be prepared. The halibut steaks on sale this week at Whole Foods look great, and at $14.99 a pound, a very good deal. Halibut fillets there remain in the $27-ish dollar range.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Alfalfa's Does Breakfast

Alfalfa's special sale through Sunday is focusing on breakfast, preferably in bed, with the weather forecast we're looking at for the weekend. Here's what Alfalfa's says (and so far, no word I've seen from Whole Foods regarding anything they might be doing for the weekend). Oh no, and this one is going to cut off on the right again. But you get the idea.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

This Week's Hot Grocery Deals (IMHO)

We have new sales starting today at our Boulder Sprouts and Whole Foods stores, while the long-lasting sale at Vitamin Cottage continues through May 7th (look just a bit below for that one). Here's what's looking good to me now.

At Sprouts through the 20th, I'm liking all chicken sausage (pork also) at $3.49 a pound, whole or split chickens $1.49 a pound, their very good stuffed chicken breasts $2.99 a pound, boneless country style ribs or pork shoulder roast excellent at $1.99 a pound (I sense a bbq for the weekend coming up), and grass-fed ground beef is $4.99 a pound. In fish, previously frozen Alaskan cod is $7.99 a pound, but I'm not interested in last year's frozen catch of salmon when we're on the verge of the new fresh season, and fresh halibut strikes me as silly at $9.99 for a six ounce piece.

The big news to me at Sprouts is in organic produce, with broccoli or cauliflower both at just 98 cents a pound. Time to roast a giant head of cauliflower while we're still in the mood for that. Organic Bartlett pears are $1.48 a pound, and four pound bags of Valencia oranges are $2.98 each. Elsewhere in the store, the emphasis is on a Better for You Brands sale, with a bunch of favorite brands 35% off. Ones catching my eye include Cascadian Farm, Food Should Taste Good, Muir Glen, and Annie's. Also of note are Chobani Greek yogurts for just 88 cents each and the really big 100-ish ounce size of Seventh Generation laundry detergent $8.99, the lowest I've ever seen it.

At Whole Foods through the 19th, I'm liking large globe artichokes for $2.50 (sound like a lot, but past experience had been these are fun and truly very large), Brown Cow Farms Greek yogurts $1 each, tequila lime salmon burgers being an easy dinner at $9.99 a pound, and 365 brand organic chicken broth $1.50 a box - that's a quite decent stand-in when I'm out of Imagine organic broth. Also fascinating are wild caught halibut steaks listed at $14.99 a pound, $7 off. It doesn't specify if fresh in the new season, so I'm wondering about that low price, can't possibly be fresh. And Seventh Generation dish soap is great at $2.50 each. Think folks are getting in the mood for Earth Day.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Current Sale At Vitamin Cottage

Vitamin Cottage (aka Natural Grocers) has a new sale running through May 7th, in which I'm liking Mezzetta marinara sauces at $3.99 a 16-ish ounce jar, Muir Glen organic salsas $2.79 a 16 ounce jar, big 13 to 16 ounce bags of Garden of Eatin' tortilla chips $3 to go with that salsa, Rumiano organic eight ounce cheese blocks $3.99 each, some Earth Balance buttery spreads $3.19 each, four-packs of Perrier mineral water $2.50 each, some Back to Nature crackers $2.99 and their cookies $3.39 a box, six-packs of some Blue Sky sodas $2.39 each, and there are lots of breakfast cereals on sale. Plus, being Vitamin Cottage, there are lots of deals on supplements.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Sudsy Spa Class

The Boulder Farmers' Market is reporting there will be a talk this Wednesday regarding beer in spa treatments. Here are the details from the Market:

Beer and Hops in the Spa
Apr. 13: 6:30-7:30pm, 300 Suns Brewing in Longmont
Learn about the benefits of using beer in spa treatments with Cindy Jones, Ph.D., herb grower and educator, owner of farmers market vendor Colorado Aromatics. Cindy will present on the benefits of craft beer for healthy looking skin and hair and walk you through a Craft Beer Facial Treatment in the brewery. 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Lucky's Supplement Sale

This Wednesday, the 13th, all supplements at Lucky's Market in both Boulder and Longmont will be 30% off.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Boulder Farmers' Market Today

What a beautiful morning for the Boulder Farmers' Market. The spicy mixed greens I got last weekend were great in both a risotto and a pasta dish. More to come this week.  Here's what the Market says to expect:

At the Market this Saturday: 
arugula, over-wintered spinach, carrots, spicy greens, storage onions, scallions, kale, Swiss chard, radishes, lettuce, herbs, micro-greens, hanging baskets & a wide variety of gardens starts. All-season long: beef, lamb, chicken, eggs, pork, mushrooms, honey, cheese & preserves

Friday, April 8, 2016

Weekend Sale At Whole Foods

Sorry, this product I'm not familiar with. From Whole Foods:

Garden of Life
Probiotic Supplements
30% Off
Valid 4/8 - 4/10

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Apps Everywhere

Sprouts has just announced they've added coupons to their mobile app, and Whole Foods has been promoting an app in the past week or so as well. Guess it's time to stare into a mobile device even more....

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

One-Day Sale At Whole Foods

For today only, the 6th, Whole Foods is offering a seven ounce shrimp California roll for $3.99 each, half off. Sushi time!

This Week's Hot Grocery Deals (IMHO)

We have new sales starting today at our Boulder Sprouts and Whole Foods stores. There also should be something new at Vitamin Cottage, as their long-lasting sale just ended, must check that out. Here's what's looking good to me now.

First, Sprouts will be doing another 72-hour sale this weekend, Friday through Sunday. Catching my eye are value packs of boneless skinless chicken breasts for $1.59 a pound, asparagus 98 cents a pound (although I haven't been thrilled with what they've been carrying so far this year), previously frozen 31/40 count wild Gulf shrimp $5.99 a pound, some of my favorite Blue Diamond Nut Thins the lowest I've ever seen at 99 cents a box, and a bunch of hair care 25% off.

In Sprouts' regular sale today through the 13th, I'm liking their own very good stuffed chicken breasts at $2.99 a pound, and they have a new applewood smoked bacon product that intrigues me because it says it's uncured, with no added nitrites or nitrates, and is only $4.99 a one pound package. Also, 93% lean ground sirloin looks good at $4.99 a pound, but otherwise, nothing in meat or fish is calling to me this week. Their pricing farmed salmon and wild halibut by the six ounce portion does not a deal make if you do the math.

Elsewhere in the store at Sprouts, the big Organic Sale continues, with some prices even better than last week's already good ones. I'm particularly liking on-the-vine organic tomatoes for just 98 cents a pound, and one pound of strawberries or six-ish ounc blackberries $2.98 a container (although you can catch the strawberries through today for $2.50). I'm also liking bulk organic coffee at $6.99 a pound, a dollar lower than last week, and I buy it weekly anyway, all Nature's Path products continue at 40% off, Late July chips are $1.50 a six-ish ounce bag, some DeLallo whole wheat pastas are $1.50 a one pound package, and Sprouts own beans are 99 cents a 15-ish ounce can, all of the above products and produce being organic.

At Whole Foods through the 12th, much looks to be a continuation of last week's sale despite the new dates. I'm liking organic Bartlett pears at $1.69 a pound, 26-30 count raw shrimp already peeled and deveined for $9.99 a pound (but remember Sprouts' weekend sale on shrimp too), ground turkey with a fine pedigree at $3.99 a pound, Barbara's Puffins cereals $3 a box, several 365 frozen entrees (including a vegan pizza) at $2.50 each, and I wonder how good Jasper Hill Cloth Bound cheddar must be at $19.99 a pound, because that's $10 off. Also, for your spring cleaning, all 365 Everyday Value cleaning products are 25% off.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Lucky's Market Partners With Kroger

When this news was first reported on April 1st, I ignored it, thinking it was an April Fool's prank, but now I see it's actually real. Gigantic Kroger (think King Soopers among other large grocery brands) has acquired a "significant" stake in Lucky's Market. I still like to think of Lucky's as our hometown independent, although that charming image may be becoming a bit outdated. While they initially had only the one store in north Boulder for years, and it seemed a big step when they opened a second store in Longmont in 2013, Lucky's now has 17 stores in 13 states, quite a jump. You can read all the details from the Daily Camera here.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Last Day For Chicken Wings

With today being the final game of so-called March Madness, even though it ends in April, it's your last shot at getting a big bucket of yummy chicken wings at Whole Foods for $9.99 each, $5 off. But we did much better during the wing bucket sale that always occurs for the Super Bowl - this year they priced it by the pound, which was probably someone's big mistake, resulting in buckets that were on sale for closer to $6. No matter, they are still addictive and a good deal at $9.99.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Chicken Wings At Whole Foods!

With the Final Four, I've been expecting this. Whole Foods is doing their fabulous chicken wing buckets at a special price for the weekend, and if you want to add on more cholesterol, there are salame as well. Here's what they say:

(7 oz) Select Varieties. April 1-3 only!
$3.99 ea
Regular $6.99 each
you save $3
Valid 4/1 - 4/3
$3 OFF
Prepared Foods
Chicken Wing Buckets
(30 oz) Select Varieties. April 1-4 only.
$9.99 ea
Regular $14.99 each
you save $5
Valid 4/1 - 4/4
$5 OFF 

Boulder Farmers' Market Opens Today

Looks like a lovely day for the opening of the Boulder Farmers' Market for the season today, 8 to 2 in downtown Boulder, 8 to 1 at the fairgrounds in Longmont. The Market has announced several new vendors for this year, and I'm especially excited to see that Dakota Soifer of Cafe Aion will be cooking up a storm in the Boulder food court. Time for some spring greens and anything that can be grown in a greenhouse!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Heads Up Re Vitamin Cottage

Just a reminder that the current long-lasting sale at Vitamin Cottage runs only through tomorrow. My prior report on it is here, but stocks sometimes run low, and who knows what goodies a new sale will bring.