Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Current Sale At Vitamin Cottage

Vitamin Cottage (aka Natural Grocers) has a new sale running through May 7th, in which I'm liking Mezzetta marinara sauces at $3.99 a 16-ish ounce jar, Muir Glen organic salsas $2.79 a 16 ounce jar, big 13 to 16 ounce bags of Garden of Eatin' tortilla chips $3 to go with that salsa, Rumiano organic eight ounce cheese blocks $3.99 each, some Earth Balance buttery spreads $3.19 each, four-packs of Perrier mineral water $2.50 each, some Back to Nature crackers $2.99 and their cookies $3.39 a box, six-packs of some Blue Sky sodas $2.39 each, and there are lots of breakfast cereals on sale. Plus, being Vitamin Cottage, there are lots of deals on supplements.

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