Tuesday, March 15, 2016

New Sale At Vitamin Cottage

There's a new sale at Vitamin Cottage lasting through April 2nd, but I had to park waaaay behind the back of the building to get the current Health Hotline flyer. In any case, in this sale that takes us through Easter, I'm liking pints of organic mini peppers for $2.50 (great on the grill, and that's getting easier with daylight savings), and 4.4 pound bags of organic red potatoes are $3.99 each, although Sprouts frequently sells five pound bags of organic russets, which can also serve as baking potatoes, for less. For snacks, my favorite Blue Diamond Nut Thins are $2.29 a box, and Barbara's cheese puffs are $1 off at $1.99 a bag, while big 13 ounce bags of Kettle potato chips are $3.49 each. Some Annie's mac and cheese boxes are $1.69 each (great to keep on hand for when dinner inspiration is lacking or you simply get home late), Cucina Antica pasta sauces are $4.59 for a 25 ounce jar (they're good), some Amy's soups are $2.19 a 14 ounce can, $1 off, Spectrum organic Mediterranean olive oil and refined canola oils are at steep discounts, sone Lundberg organic rice mix boxes are $2.35 each (so convenient when you don't want to take the cheaper from scratch route), Back to Nature cereals (including a gluten-free) are $3.95 a box, various Clif bars are 99 cents each, Justin's peanut butters are $3.79 for a 16 ounce jar, and all R.W. Knudsen juices are 25% off. There are decadent discounts on Horizon Organic half & half or heavy whipping cream, my favorite Kerrygold Irish butter is $3.35 for eight ounces (enjoy it with some toasted brown bread and a couple of rashers), their Dubliner cheese block is $3.99 for seven ounces, and moving on to dessert, my favorite Pamela's gluten free cookies are $2.79 a box, plus they have a cool-looking new mini cookie option for $2.59.

Plus, being Vitamin Cottage, there are plenty of specials on supplements. Wow, that's a lot of stuff catching my eye this time.

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