Wednesday, March 23, 2016

This Week's Hot Grocery Deals (IMHO)

Good cold and snowy Wednesday morning, Boulder. We have new sales starting today at our local Sprouts and Whole Foods stores (although many at Whole Foods look like they are carrying over from last week), while the current one continues at Vitamin Cottage through April 2nd (look a ways below for that one). Here's what's looking good to me now.

Sprouts will kick off Easter weekend with another 72-hour sale, from Friday through Sunday. Boneless country style ribs are fabulous at $1.29 a pound, but lacking appeal if I'm doing a ham on Sunday. Big five pound boxes of Cuties mandarins are just $3 each, really big 13/15 count previously frozen ez peel shrimp are $7.99 a pound, some 59 ounce bottles of Simply Juice are $2.50, and mild bulk cheddar is just $1.99 a pound, among other sales.

In Sprouts' regular sale from today through March 30th, I'm liking boneless pork loin chops (roast also) for just $1.99 a pound, their "Presidential Cut" standing rib roast $7.99 a pound, all chicken sausage (pork also) $3.99 a pound, and fresh ground chicken, chicken breast or pork $2.99 a pound (think Asian wraps as an Easter antidote). I don't usually cook dark chicken meat, although it is favored by chefs for flavor and juiciness, so I'll mention that value packs of chicken thighs or drumsticks are just 79 cents a pound. In fish, fresh farmed salmon fillets have been lower, but not bad at $7.99 a pound this week, and previously frozen Alaskan cod fillets are really good at $5.99 a pound.

In organic produce at Sprouts, some of their own 10 ounce salads are $2.98 a container, on-the-vine tomatoes are great at $1.98 a pound, five pound bags of table carrots or russet potatoes are $2.98 each, and strawberries are $2.98 for a one pound container. Conventional asparagus remains $1.98 a pound, but I haven't been too thrilled with where they have been getting theirs this season, as it has been consistently skinny and kind of reedy.

Elsewhere in the store at Sprouts, the primary news is a big sale on Sprouts' own brand, with specials all across the store. Also, they have ten fresh catering trays at 25% off.

At Whole Foods through March 29th, I'm pleased to see conventional asparagus remain really good at $1.99 a pound, as I much prefer theirs to Sprouts' right now, and I need some for this Easter week. New York strip steaks are $12.99 a pound, $7 off, and very fine American Homestead boneless pork loin chops are $6.99 a pound, highlighting the usual dilemma since Sprouts has chops at $1.99 a pound. Uniekaas Parrano gouda cheese is $9.99 a pound, $7 off, shrimp platters (one pound of shrimp, plus cocktail sauce) are $14.99 each, Extra dark Allegro French roast coffee is $7.99 a pound in bulk (also $7.99 a pound for 12 ounce bags of it, but why not get the larger quantity for the same price in bulk), and their own large prepared quiche are $2 off (price of them varies). Produce listed as organic sweet potatoes are $1.49 a pound, but it says garnet or jewel, which to my mind means they are yams (picky, picky). It also looks like there are good prices on their 365 brand of organic canned tomatoes and organic rice pilaf.

Stay safe in the snow, which is technically a blizzard because of the winds right now.

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