Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Whole Foods Has Roasted Chiles

At least at the Pearl Street store. They are $2.99 a pound, come in rather large containers in the refrigerated section in the produce department, and freeze well to use across the winter, so long as you lay them flat in the bag rather than letting them get balled up. Instead of Hatch NM chiles, this year Whole Foods is going with ones from Pueblo, calling them "local." For truly local, I'm looking forward to the ones Full Circle Farm will hopefully be roasting soon at the Boulder Farmers' Market. Those also have the advantage of being identified by chile type, unlike the ones at Whole Foods that were simply tagged "mild" or not indicated at all. I love to play with the differences between Big Jims, the ever unpredictable heat of mild to hot Sandias, and those diabolical Dynamites.

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