Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New Sale At Vitamin Cottage

There's a new sale just started at Vitamin Cottage (aka Natural Grocers), lasting all the way through August 15th (eek, towards the end of summer already). For those hot days, having all bottles by Sigg a whopping half off is pretty nice. I'm also liking Earth Balance buttery spreads at $3.29 (besides having no cholesterol, they're vegan), some Tofurky products on sale, meatless sausages $3.19 for a 14 ounce package and meatless deli slices $2.19 for 5.5 ounces, big party size Garden of Eatin' tortilla chips at $3.79 for that large 13 to 16 ounce bag, Newman's Own Organic family recipe cookies $2.19 for 7-ish ounces, some Amy's burritos $1.99 each, Monte Bene pasta sauces $3.49 for a 24 ounce jar, and Westbrae organic canned beans $2.19 for the big 25 ounce size. I've never tried them, but pricing looks good on frozen Glutino gluten-free sandwich breads and English muffins (also on Natural Grocers own gluten-free rice pastas). Plus, being Vitamin Cottage, there are lots of good deals on supplements.

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