Thursday, July 23, 2015

Good Lobster Roll In Denver???

Looks like I need to get back on Twitter, which I dropped as totally inane a couple of years ago, to find the daily location of this food truck. Zagat National just posted a new feature on 11 lobster rolls to try across the U.S., and to see that one is a food truck in Denver sent this transplanted New Englander's heart into a tailspin. Here's what Zagat says about the Lobster Bliss in Denver, and you can check out the whole post at the link above for the national options:

  •                                                                 Photo by: Adam Larkey

    Lobster Bliss in Denver
    "Bliss" isn't an overstatement when it comes to the sublime lobster rolls dispensed from this super-popular food truck owned by Rich Manzo and Jeff Reebie. The fresh lobsters, sourced from Maine and Canada, are held in a 45-degree, 2,500-gallon lobster tank upon their arrival in Denver, and the unique filtration system mimics the water-cleaning action of the ocean, naturally eliminating bacterial buildup. The rolls are a mixture of claw, knuckle and tail meat tossed with a lemon a├»oli, and they're served on a toasted New England–style split-top bun drizzled with clarified butter.
    Price: $16
    Check Twitter for locations; 720-636-6493

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