Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bunch Of Special Sales At Pearl Whole Foods

And since there's been no notice distributed per usual custom, even the cashiers were speculating about whether these were limited to Pearl or extended locally. Crazy mix of one-, three-, four- and five-day specials that you just have to cruise on their own. The olive bar is $6.99 for today only, a fabulous deal at $3 off, especially if you choose the higher end items like the artichoke hearts or pesto. Two kinds of Creminelli's hand-crafted salamis are half price at $6.99, perfect for a weekend picnic (think that was marked as a three-day sale, yet the dates said 7/1-4, making it four days). Further temptation noticed was eight piece buckets of fried chicken for $8.99 each, signage said three day sale 7/3-7/5, but they're out there now marked at that price. So I guess you just have to go look, and see how things ring up!

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