Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Planning Generally In Chaos

The genesis of this blog was friends asking me to share my weekly lists of dinner plans, which are mostly inspired by what's seasonal and also what's on sale at Boulder's natural grocery stores (with the two generally overlapping). However since I started the blog, the feedback I'm getting from a larger audience (thank you!) is that the sale information is of more interest than, ahem, what we're having for dinner. I'm trying to keep up on the sales front, but you may have noticed have been slipping back a bit on the dinner plan lists. This is partly because as I predicted, getting into a CSA this year, as much as I'm totally enjoying it, is wreaking havoc with my planning process. Where I used to have a list with seven straight lines and a clear idea for each day's dinner, my list now looks like something coming out of an asylum, with arrows redirecting mains and veggies everywhere. This is probably a good thing for my too structured brain, but apologies if you actually liked the dinner plan lists. Happy July!

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