Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Blackbelly Is Great!

No use trying to keep this a neighborhood secret, it's clear Top Chef champion Hosea Rosenberg has a winner in his new east Boulder restaurant Blackbelly. We only had time to stop in for happy hour yesterday, but we'll be back for dinner as soon as the rush of Thanksgiving week is over. His happy hour charcuterie plate is delectable, and we also ventured to try the "fried thing of the day," which yesterday was a sort of corn fritter with chiles, probably Hatch. Come to think of it, I think Chef Hosea hails from Taos, New Mexico, one of my favorite places on earth. As we left, the chef himself was in the parking lot talking with one of his vendors and asked how everything was. We'll definitely be back for dinner absolutely as soon as we can. I can't wait to try the grits that a vendor (I think from Mississippi) wouldn't sell to him until he convinced her he really planned to do justice to them.

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