Wednesday, December 10, 2014

This Week's Hot Grocery Deals (IMHO)

We have a new sale starting today at our Boulder Sprouts stores, while the current one continues at Whole Foods through December 16th, and at Vitamin Cottage through this Saturday, the 13th. Here's what's looking good to me now.

In addition to its regular sale, Sprouts will be doing a 72 hour sale for this Friday through Sunday. Items in the special sale include jumbo Hass avocados for 98 cents each (not bad if they really are jumbo), R.W. Knudsen Just Cranberry juice $2.99 for a 32 ounce bottle, and 25% off the entire bulk department. In Sprouts' regular sale through December 17th, chicken breast tenders are $1.99 a pound (and the ad doesn't say value pack required), their Presidential Cut standing rib roast is $7.99 a pound, and all chicken sausage (pork also) are $3.99 a pound. In fish, fresh farmed salmon fillets are $8.99 a pound, and previously frozen 30/40 count Peruvian sea scallops look good at $6.99 a pound.

In organic produce at Sprouts, broccoli is $1.48 a pound, Gala, Fuji or Braeburn apples and D'Anjou pears are all also $1.48 a pound, five pound bags of russet potatoes are just $2.50 each, two pound bags of heirloom rainbow carrots are $1.98 each, and three-packs of romaine hearts are $2.50. Elsewhere in the store, I'm liking a line drive of a whopping 50% off all Simply Organics (spices and the like), my favorite Imagine organic broths $2.50 a box (although they had an all time low of $2 a box a couple of weeks ago), some Wolfgang Puck organic soups just $1.50 a 14.5 ounce can, and some Earth Balance organic culinary spreads $3.49 each.

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