Saturday, December 5, 2015

Alfalfa's Loves Beef Lovers

Since a fabulous holiday tasting fair was happening, I did my shopping today at the Alfalfa's in Louisville, not terribly far from me. I was so impressed, I'm planning on ordering my standing rib roast for Christmas from them instead of Whole Foods this year. While I don't yet have info from Whole Foods to compare it with, Alfalfa's price of $13.99 a pound for a bone-in rib roast, plain or seasoned with rosemary and garlic or smoked salt and pepper, seems very reasonable for the very good beef they carry. Speaking of which, Alfalfa's is also courting beef lovers with an excellent price on organic ribeyes and NY strip steaks and roasts, $12.99 a pound, half off, in their regular sale through December 15th. That's from the flyer, and it may have been a fluke, but today the strip steaks were marked at just $9.99 a pound instead.

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