Saturday, December 26, 2015

Greenwood's Calendar

Okay, so I can't find any way to tie this to the theme of this blog, except that Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is a place I hugely respect, just as I do the Boulder food scene. Greenwood does enormously important work saving wildlife, the critters not handled at all by that also fabulous place, the Boulder Valley Humane Society. Since it's always a challenge to find an interesting wall calendar, if you are looking for one this year, I doubt you could do better than this:

We still have 2016 custom Greenwood calendars for sale for only $20, featuring many of the adorable critters we've cared for this year! Stop by our Center in Lyons or our Thrift Shop and Consignment Gallery at 3600 Arapahoe in Boulder to get one now. Or, call 303-823-8455, and we'll mail one or more to you for a small fee. All proceeds benefit the wildlife in our care. 

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