Monday, July 16, 2012

Free Bloomin Onion Today, But...

I don't follow car racing, but evidently the Outback Steakhouse, with locations in Louisville and Longmont, offers a free Bloomin Onion with any purchase the Monday after Ryan Newman does a particular top ten placement, so long as you mention Newman's name.  According to our friends over at Mile High on the Cheap, today's the day.  I recall eating one of those onions eons ago, and it was addictively yummy, making me suspicious about its sodium and fat content, since I don't get that nose-to-the-plate reaction from eating a bunch of carrots.  I looked up the Onion's nutritional info on the Outback's website, where I learned that one Onion packs a total of 161 grams of fat, 4100 milligrams of sodium, and a whopping 1949 calories.  One Onion supposedly serves six, but when people go face first into something like that, six people aren't likely to get their fingers on it.  I'll resist and go back to my carrots.

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