Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This Week's Hot Grocery Deals (IMHO)

We have new sales starting today at our Boulder Sprouts and Sunflower, while the current sale continues at Whole Foods, through next Tuesday.  Here's what's appealing to me in the new sales.

As they merge, Sprouts and Sunflower are sharing the same meat and seafood specials, while they differ in other areas.  In meat and seafood through July 18th, both are highlighting large packs of boneless skinless checken breasts for a very low $1.77 a pound.  Both also have a ground meat sale, with a whole bunch of types (including poultry and pork) all 25% off.  Center-cut pork loin chops are $2.99 a pound, but those are bone-in, so the price isn't really that great, and fresh wild caught Alaskan sockeye salmon fillets are $9.99 a pound.

In organic produce at Sprouts, broccoli is $1.49 a pound (a penny more at Sunflower), one pound bags of carrots are $1.25 each (higher at Sunflower), acorn or butternut squash are both 79 cents a pound (also higher at Sunflower), five pound bags of red potatoes are $3.99 each, cantaloupe or honeydew melons are 79 cents a pound (88 cents for the cantaloupe at Sunflower), and one pound clamshells of strawberries are $2.99 each, same at Sunflower.  I'm also liking Sprouts' fine bulk coffee (including Fair Trade organic) on sale for $7.99 a pound, my favorite Cascade yogurts very low at 50 cents each, and 25% off all Barbara's cereals and snacks and also Lundberg rice chips (those are addicting).

In organic produce at Sunflower, 10 ounce grape tomatoes are $2 each, acorn or butternut squash are 88 cents a pound (79 cents at Sprouts), broccoli is $1.50 a pound (effectively the same at Sprouts), cauliflower is also $1.50 a pound, jewel yams are 99 cents a pound, kale is $1.50 a bunch, one pound baby carrots packages are $1.50 (but $1.25 at Sprouts), and one pound of strawberries is $2.99, same as Sprouts.  Chobani yogurts look good at $1 each, Blue Diamond Nut-Thins are $2, Tribe hummus is $2.99 for eight ounces, bulk coffee is $7.99 a pound (same at Sprouts), and select eight ounce Rising Moon organic pastas are $2.99 each.

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