Friday, July 27, 2012

Weekend Dinner Ideas

Fortunately we're no longer seeing triple digit temperatures, but it's still pretty darned hot, so for tonight, I'm thinking of trying a recipe from the June issue of Cooking Light, Chinese noodle salad with sesame dressing.  The reviews so far are only coming in at three stars, but light dishes like this seem to be received pretty well in my house.

Tomorrow and Sunday's dinners will be out on the grill, driven by the excellent one-day sales that Whole Foods has given us this week.  Tomorrow will be the coho salmon I plan to pick up at today's one-day sale (see the post below this for details).  With something so simple going on the grill, I can place more emphasis on the sides.  For a lovely coho, I'm thinking of doing shaved zucchini salad with parmesan pine nuts from Bon Appetit.  I always buy organic zucchini anyway, but for something like this, I'd say it's mandatory.  Sunflower has three-packs of organic for $2.50 this week, but as I've mentioned before, this new development of prepacking it is bumming me out.  What if I just want two zucchini?  Or four?

The beautiful New York strip steaks from the other one-day sale this week at Whole Foods will hit the grill Sunday.  Steaks scream fresh, local Munson's corn on the side.  It could be simply as ears, but I'm thinking about something I haven't made for a couple of summers, succotash of fresh corn, lima beans, tomatoes, and onion from Bon Appetit.  Edamame are an option in place of the lima beans, and both Sprouts and Sunflower have six-packs of organic roma tomatoes on sale for $2.50.  (There are those darned packages again.)

Which quickly gets us through the weekend plans.

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