Wednesday, July 18, 2012

This Week's Hot New Grocery Deals

We have new sales starting today at our Boulder Sprouts, Sunflower (with so many specials in common as they merge, maybe I should start calling them Sprouts/Sunflower) and Whole Foods.  Here's what's appealing to me, IMHO, as always.

Sprouts and Sunflower continue to share meat and fish specials in their new sale through July 25th.  Although I prefer my salmon wild, particularly during this fresh time of year, Atlantic (farmed) salmon fillets are notable at both stores at $4.99 a pound.  I'm also interested in taking a look at the fresh wild California halibut fillets both have for $10.99 a pound.  Pork spare ribs or boneless country style ribs make a great bbq, and are just $1.99 a pound, while beef stew meat or short ribs are $3.99 a pound.

The stores continue to differ in their organic produce specials.  At Sprouts through the 25th, I'm liking one pound packages of baby carrots for $1.25, red plums $1.69 a pound (but $1.50 for plums at Sunflower), one pound clamshells of strawberries for $2.50 ($2.99 at Sunflower), kale $1.29 a bunch, and red potatoes $3.99 for a five pound bag.  Also, Amy's burritos are BOGO.

In organic produce at Sunflower through the 25th, I'm especially enthused about roma tomatoes for just 99 cents a pound.  Also good are organic yams or yellow onions 99 cents a pound, cauliflower $1.50 a pound, red, green or romaine lettuce $1.50 a head (same at Whole Foods for the red or green), large red potatoes 99 cents a pound, plums $1.50 a pound, and celery 99 cents a bunch.  Also, select Annie's Naturals organic salad dressings are $2.50, stunning for the organic ones, and my favorite Cascade Fresh yogurts are 69 cents each.

Through July 31st, Whole Foods is yelling "picnic time!" to me with two Market Made specials from the deli:  smoked mozzarella pasta salad for $7.99 a pound, and their fabulous smoked turkey pesto wraps for $5.99 each (and their wraps easily feed two, unless you haven't seen food for at least 24 hours).  Sounds like a smoky-flavored picnic made in heaven to me.  Also looking good are organic San Marzano tomatoes for $3.99 a pound, organic green and red leaf lettuce $1.50 each, Oikos Greek yogurts $1 each, and vintage reserve cheddar for $8.99 a pound, which sounds great with their own sourdough boule at $3 each.  I'm not usually attracted to desserts, but I have to notice their own 9 inch fruit pies at $9.99 each and creme brulee for $2.99 each.  Temptation, temptation.

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