Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Another Chic Super Bowl Rumination

So I'm getting way off track, contemplating high-end Manhattan catering for the Super Bowl when I'm supposed to be focusing on natural foods in Boulder. But having just posted about the great high-end option we actually have from Cured for Super Bowl indulgence, I can't resist posting this, showing what the haut chef Daniel Boulud is offering for takeout for the game in Manhattan. If you look closely, you'll see we are so much luckier to have Cured here locally, both in terms of options and price. Here's what I got from Epicerie Boulud, just in case it also influences your meal planning (personally, I'd stick with Cured, and you can only get the Boulud by pickup in NYC, so it's just for ideas, and sorry it's likely to cut off on the right side):

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