Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Current Sale At Vitamin Cottage

In the current sale at Vitamin Cottage (aka Natural Grocers), I'm liking some Applegate organic sliced turkey or chicken breast packages (six ounces) at $5.29 each, Honest organic bottled iced teas at 99 cents each (although I generally make my own iced tea), some Rumiano organic cheeses at $2.99 for the six ounce package of slices and $3.89 for the half pound block, some Rudi's organic sandwich breads $3.99 a loaf, some Evol burritos $1.99 each, Clif or Luna bars 89 cents each (great for the runner in the family), some Cascadian Farm organic cereals or granolas $2.99 a box, and for my gluten-free friends, Udi's gluten-free sandwich breads or bagels $3.99 a package. And the yogurt scene is getting so competitive - Stonyfield Organic now has an Oh My Yog! trilayer yogurt with three layers of organic yogurt and fruit, offered at 99 cents each. Plus of course, there are tons of specials on supplements.

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