Sunday, September 27, 2015

Last Day For Two Great Sales

Happy beautiful Sunday morning. It also happens to be the last day for two particularly good sales happening around here. The fresh wild king salmon fillets that Whole Foods has for $16.99 a pound through today were so spectacular from the grill last night, I just might have to pick up more today to use tomorrow. As an indicator of how good a deal this is, yesterday I was at the Boulder Farmers' Market at the fairgrounds in Longmont, and a vendor there was doing a good business selling frozen sockeye fillets at $15.99 a pound. Why buy frozen sockeye when you can get fresh king, the king of salmon, for $1 more?

It's also the last day for Alfalfa's sale on organic Full Circle Farms large (medium also) pumpkins for just $3 each. Again, at the Farmers' Market yesterday, I saw Full Circle was selling those large pumpkins at $8 each.

Carpe diem!

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