Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Current Sale At Vitamin Cottage

Sometimes the terrible events of the world make me feel writing this silly blog is about the stupidest thing possible, but then I consider that sharing wholesome food with friends and family is one of the finest gifts we have in life. So why not contemplate those new specials on excellent food from Vitamin Cottage (aka Natural Grocers), especially as we near Thanksgiving, a holiday dedicated to giving thanks.

Vitamin Cottage's current sale runs through December 12th, and includes plenty of items to help with your Thanksgiving table. For starters, five pound bags of organic russet potatoes are just $2.39 each, so whip up a big pile of mashers or a gratin to go with your turkey. Organic jewel and garnet yams are also looking good at $1.49 a pound, and 12.7 ounce bottles of Shady Maple Farms organic grade B maple syrup are handsome at $9.99 each (my understanding being that grade B is the more flavorful and desirable anyway, and this is for organic too). I'm thrilled to see they have my favorite Imagine organic broths at $2.50 a box, so I can get that price halfway through next month instead of just this week at Sprouts (it's a requirement for my Bell's Seasoning bread stuffing for my turkey). Lundberg rice chips are tempting at $2.29 a six ounce bag, the big 28 ounce size of Muir Glen organic tomatoes is a stock up price of $2 a can, Annie's organic salad dressings are great at $3.29 an eight ounce bottle (just $2.69 if you go for the natural ones instead), and some of my favorite Earth Balance buttery spreads are $3.29 each (no cholesterol being quite a plus in this season of overindulgence). Some Back to Nature crackers are $2.39 a box, and Horizon organic half and half, whipping cream and eggnog are also looking good. The Bark Thins snacking chocolates that are being sampled everywhere are $3.29 for a 4.7 ounce bag, and while I haven't tried them, Immaculate Baking Company has 16 ounce tubes of flaky or buttermilk biscuits that might land on my Thanksgiving table at $2.69 each. I rarely care for a bakery tin of prepared rolls and don't have the ambition to make my own from scratch, but those sound quite appealing. They also have cinnamon rolls for $3.29 a tube.

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