Thursday, January 29, 2015

Chicken Wing Bucket Sale!

Whole Foods is doing a slew of specials for this Super Bowl weekend, but the one I've been waiting for is their chicken wing bucket sale, nearly half off at $7.99 each for tomorrow through Sunday. The only reasons I look forward to the Super Bowl are for the commercials and my once a year indulgence in Whole Foods' incredible chicken wings.

Also on sale tomorrow through Sunday, you'll find three types of Olli salami at $7.99 each, cooked shrimp $14.99 a pound, baby boules $1.50 each, and 365 chia seeds $4 off at $9.99 each. And in a one week sale that started yesterday and runs through February 3rd, Hass avocados are $1.25 each. They'd have to be very large avocados to beat Sprouts' sale this week, with Hass avocados 49 cents there.

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