Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Fresh Wild Salmon Update

A reminder that Sprouts has fresh wild Copper River sockeye salmon advertised at $17.99 a pound through Wednesday. However, when I went to get some last Thursday (this was at the Longmont store, don't know if was same in Boulder), they had not received their shipment, so were selling fresh wild king salmon fillets for that same price. Fresh wild king for $17.99 a pound!

Whole Foods has dropped its price on both Copper River and king from $29.99 to $24.99 a pound, but rather chaotically. When I was at the Pearl Street store late yesterday afternoon, both were marked $24.99 in the fish case, but the packaged king behind the dude in TastyTown, where he was sampling it, was all marked $29.99 a pound, with a big sign above it saying same. I pointed out the discrepancy and found it hilarious that for the remainder of my shopping time, kept hearing him announcing over the PA that "king salmon is now $24.99 a pound, $5 less than when you walked in the store!"

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