Tuesday, June 9, 2015

New Sale At Vitamin Cottage

There's a new sale at Vitamin Cottage, lasting all the way through July 11th, and I persisted in circling the parking lot until I was able to get a space to pick up the flyer. It's not the lowest price ever, but good to know that organic on the vine tomatoes will be consistently available for $2.29 a pound for the next month, and organic red or black plums are $1.99 a pound. Canyon Bakehouse gluten-free sandwich breads are $4.79 instead of $5.99, my favorite Kerrygold Irish butter is $2.99 for an eight ounce bar and their cheese blocks or slices are $3.99 (those Irish make the best dairy products), addictive Lundberg rice chips are $2.29 a six ounce bag and the new line of Late July Clasico tortilla chips is $2.19 for a 5.5 ounce bag. Annie's Naturals organic salad dressings are $2.99 an eight ounce bottle, a price often seen for the natural ones but super for the organics, Spectrum Naturals organic extra virgin olive oil is $10.49 instead of $15.15 for about 25 ounces, Simply Organic grilling seasonings are $1 off at $2.99 a bottle (tis the season), and some drinks are looking good, with Sweet Leaf organic bottled iced teas at 89 cents for 16 ounces, and six-packs of San Pellegrino sparkling juice sodas great at $3.50 each instead of $5.89, although I'll just stick with my usual unsweetened iced tea made at home.

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