Friday, June 12, 2015

This Week's CSA Pickup

Here's what my absolutely amazing Red Wagon Organic Farm managed to pull through for this week's CSA pickup, despite the horrible challenges facing local farmers this spring. Doing their open house for the CSA through the mud a few weeks ago, plus a blog post they recently did, are vivid reminders of how hard these folks work in so many ways to bring us the fabulous food we might tend to take for granted at the Boulder Farmers' Market. Guys and gals, every one of you is great!!!!

This week we hope to bring you the following:

Regular Share
-Pea Shoots
-Hakurei Turnips
-Choice: Garlic Scapes OR Onions
-Choice: Lettuce OR Braising Mix
-Choice: Kale OR Bok Choi OR Mustard Greens
-Choice: Mixed Herb Bunch OR Mint OR Garlic Chives OR Cilantro OR Lovage

Large Share Additions
-Garlic Scapes AND Onions
-Extra Choice: Lettuce OR Braising Mix
-Extra Choice: Kale OR Bok Choi OR Mustard Greens

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