Monday, September 24, 2012

Excellent Swordfish At Alfalfa's

While I was at the Farmers' Market on Saturday, I strolled over to Alfalfa's, and discovered that they have fresh wild swordfish from the USA on sale for the very good price of $13.99 a pound through October 2nd.  That's $2.99 off their regular price, which is already very reasonable for fresh domestic swordfish.  This discovery caused an immediate deviation from my prior menu plan; swordfish went on the grill that night, and it was wonderful.

Alfalfa's also has some of the best prices in town on organic produce, as well as a selection from local farms that practically rivalled the nearby Farmers' Market.  I used to shop at the original Alfalfa's regularly, back when it and the old Crystal Market were pretty much the only natural food stores in town.  With so many additional choices in 21st century Boulder, and so many stores I'd pass to get that far west in town, I rarely get there for my shopping any more (I've even seen in print that they consider their customer base to be west of Folsom, which definitely isn't me).  A new option may be looming, however, as there's a possibility that Alfalfa's may open a second store in the old Safeway location in Louisville.  That might be greater mileage for me, but probably a quicker drive than fighting the traffic all the way across Boulder. 

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