Friday, September 21, 2012

Weekender Sale At Whole Foods

I was just at the Whole Foods store on Pearl Street, and they were having a weekender sale for today through Sunday, the 23rd.  The sales were noted on a chalk board outside and I didn't get any email about it, so it might be limited to the store on Pearl.  Not having any concrete documentation for it, I can only relate my memory of the chalk board.  Three kinds of organic squash are $1 a pound (butternut, acorn, and I think spaghetti), freshly roasted chiles are $1.99 a pound, and a big two pound block of Tillemook cheese is something really low, in the $8 range.  There was also fresh wild king salmon on sale, but still several dollars higher than the current sale price for fresh wild king at Sprouts.

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