Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekday Dinner Ideas

Good lovely Sunday morning, Boulder.  My dinner plans for the rest of the week are in place, and keeping with my theme of simplifying life, they're modest and easy.  They also emphasize chicken, since boneless skinless ones are just $1.97 a pound in the value pack at Sprouts through Wednesday, and Whole Foods has really excellent, even though frozen ones from Nature's Rancher on sale for $6.99 for a two pound bag through Tuesday.  My only slightly ambitious plan is for tomorrow, which will be spicy stir-fried chicken and greens with peanuts from Bon Appetit.  Yesterday's Farmers' Market was loaded with greens choices, but they're also widely available at Sprouts and Whole Foods too.

Tuesday will be the essence of simplicity, sauteed pork chops with microwaved "baked" potatoes on the side, topped with Straus European-style nonfat plain yogurt, which is so creamy, you can hardly believe it isn't full fat sour cream.  Sprouts has the boneless chops for $2.99 a pound, and they also have organic russets for 99 cents a pound.

Wednesday will be our easy reheat of something big made over the weekend, which this week is tonight's white bean soup with tomatoes, zucchini, and basil.  My recipe comes from my old Mediterranean Light cookbook, but is nearly identical to that link, except mine starts with dried beans.  They soak overnight, but it's not like one has to put any effort into that.

We'll finish off the planning with another easy dinner, sauteed chicken breasts dressed up a bit with the mushroom sauce from Cooking Light that's been such a hit around here, even though it's so easy to make.  The side could again be those baked potatoes from the microwave, or perhaps some noodles for variety.

Which gets us through a very easy week of barely cooking.

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