Friday, September 21, 2012

Weekend Dinner Ideas

With almost no time available, here's another quick post.  For tonight, since we never did bbq a fish last weekend to go with our glorious linguine with homemade pesto (it simply didn't need an addition like that), we'll hit the grill for some fish, trying the fresh wild caught northern king salmon fillets that Sprouts has for $9.99 a pound.  Needing more Munson's corn (of course), the side will be either simple ears, or Bittman's raw corn salad with tomato and basil, so perfect for this time of year, if I have more time.  Unbelievably, I still haven't cleared out my basil plants, despite last weekend's big pesto fiesta and this week's menus.  A lovely predicament to have.

For Saturday, I'm thinking about a pasta dish in my beloved Chez Panisse cookbook that's perfect for this time of year, which a site has posted as linguine with cherry tomato vinaigrette, crediting (thank heavens) Chez Panisse for the recipe.  If the tomatoes don't come from the Farmers' Market, a good alternative would be the organic grape tomatoes that are $2.50 a pint at Sprouts.

Sunday will be a big soup, this time from my time-honored Mediterranean Light cookbook, white bean soup with tomatoes, zucchini, and basil, yet another late summer celebration.  I don't see that anyone has posted that particular recipe yet, but this one is somewhat close (mine calls for starting with dried beans, but that really isn't a time problem, since they simply soak overnight).

That's it for now!

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