Friday, September 7, 2012

Weekend Dinner Ideas

Free time just seems less and less available, and changing the batteries in my mouse just took most of the time I have for this post, so this will be quick!  Today's finally supposed to be cooler, but I so discount the possibility of rain ever again that I'll go for grilling tonight.  It will be salmon, but the questions remains, the fresh wild coho at Whole Foods for $14.99 a pound, or the farmed Atlantic at Sprouts that's just $4.99 a pound.  Munson's corn will of course go on the side, probably in a new recipe Mark Bittman demoed recently on the Today Show, raw corn salad with tomatoes and basil, which will also keep me working on my overflowing basil plants.

Tomorrow will be corn and fingerling potato chowder with applewood-smoked bacon from Cooking Light.  Do we have a theme going on here?  You betcha, until the Munson's corn runs out.

Although actually we'll take a break from the corn for Sunday.  With days no longer in the 100s and mornings downright cool (my furnace has actually turned on and had to be whacked back off a couple of mornings), I'm pining for a pizza hot from my own oven.  Chicken Italian sausage is $2.99 a pound at Sprouts this week (although never expensive anyway), so it will be a favorite, pizza alla salsiccia (sausage pizza) from Cooking Light.  Love the taste the fennel imparts, and I always make a double batch, using the wonderful multigrain fresh pizza dough from Whole Foods that fills an entire cookie sheet.

Which gets us through the weekend, my having spent more time writing than I should.

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