Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekday Dinner Ideas

With the weekend rapidly flying by, it's time to get the ducks in line for the rest of the week.  For tomorrow, I'm in a near frenzy of enjoying our late summer produce while we have it, and the family will be craving pasta, so it will be linguine with summer succotash from Bon Appetit.  The corn will of course be Munson's, the tomatoes will be the organic ones at Sprouts for $1.99 a pint, and since we're past sugar snap season, that just might morph itself into organic zucchini.  The basil will be my own, from what's left after my big pesto-making enterprise on Friday.

Tuesday is our usual reheat of something big made over the weekend, which this week is the chicken posole from Food and Wine magazine.  Organic leaf lettuce is $1.29 a head at Sprouts for the side salad, with organic baby carrots $1.25 a one pound bag, too (and on Friday, organic romas were $1.99 a pound, all good for a well priced organic salad).

We'll want something rice-based by Wednesday, and Asian would be good, so I'm looking at garlic pork with tomato and basil from Cooking Light, capitalizing on the fine tomatoes everywhere right now, the pork sirloin chops that are $1.99 a pound through that day at Sprouts, and probably the last of my own basil plants.

For Thursday, we'll be back to the Munson's corn for chicken burritos with chiles and corn from Bon Appetit.  I use whatever freshly roasted chiles I have during this chile season instead of the fresh poblanos, and will also make use of Whole Foods' sale on individually frozen Nature's Rancher boneless skinless chicken breasts at $6.99 a two pound bag for this.  Another bag of those chicken breasts might land in my freezer before Whole Foods' sale ends on September 25th.

Which gets us through to next Friday, whew.

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