Wednesday, May 20, 2015

This Week's Hot Grocery Deals (IMHO)

Good soggy Wednesday morning, Boulder. Hard to get myself into a grilling frame of mind for Memorial Day with the weather we've been having. But we have a new sale starting at Sprouts today, while the current one continues at Whole Foods through the 26th and at Vitamin Cottage through the 30th. Here's what's looking good to me now.

Sprouts will hold a special 48 hour sale for tomorrow and Friday, where I'm liking sweet corn at five for $1 (at least that's something that can be enjoyed indoors), pineapples just 98 cents each, Boulder Canyon kettle cooked potato chips 99 cents for a five ounce bag, bulk mild cheddar $2.99 a pound, huge 13/15 count raw ez peel shrimp $8.99 a pound, and Maranatha almond butter amazingly low at $3.99 a 12 ounce jar. There's also a three day sausage sale, with all fresh chicken (pork also) sausage just $2.99 a pound for Friday through Sunday. That means on Friday, you get the intersection of the 48 hour sale and the sausage sale.

In Sprouts' regular sale starting today through the 27th, I'm liking pork country style or spare ribs $2.99 a pound, fresh ground chicken also $2.99 a pound, Rosie organic chicken grill packs $3.49 a pound (if the grill gets to be in use this weekend), fresh farmed salmon fillets $5.99 a pound, 21/25 count shrimp $6.99 a pound, and I'm very curious to check out how their fresh wild Alaskan halibut steaks look at $17.99 a pound UPDATE - forget that halibut comment and check out the next post about a sale at Whole Foods.

In organic produce at Sprouts, 4.4 ounce containers of blueberries are spectacular at $1.98 each, ditto re on-the-vine cluster tomatoes $1.98 a pound, some Earthbound Farm salads are $2.50 each, and red or green seedless grapes are $2.98 a pound. Elsewhere in the store, I'm liking Voskos Greek yogurts at 99 cents each, Santa Cruz lemonades just $1.25 a 32 ounce bottle, and some Annie's crackers or fruit snacks BOGO. If it were sunny and 90 degrees, all Arrowhead water at 40% off would also appeal.

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