Friday, August 24, 2012

Road Closures Start Today

And yes, I've figured out a way to make this food-related.  Be aware that with tomorrow's big USA Pro Challenge bike race taking over Boulder, roads will be closing as early as noon today.  You can read the details from the Daily Camera here.  And while Pearl Street will be closed in their area, Cured at 1825 Pearl is in the biking spirit, selling musette bags from Garmin filled with a stylish lunch and a good discount coupon.  (And the race expo will be set up right in front of their store tomorrow - usually all sorts of free goodies at those things.)  Here are the details from them:

Harking back to Will’s roots, we’re grabbing a bunch of musette bags from Garmin (the very same ones the riders will be picking up in Nederland) but filling them up with much more delicious Cured goodies. Rather than powerbars and baked potatoes, our Race Day Essentials bag ($20) will have a Cured sandwich (either a Girona or a Spicy Frenchman), a San Pellegrino soda, a bag of Zapp’s potato chips and an apple - everything you need to enhance your viewing pleasure. Plus you will get a 25% discount card for the team Garmin Sharp online store! We only have 100 musette bags and they are already starting to go fast. If you would like to pre-reserve one, give us a call or shoot us an email.

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