Monday, August 13, 2012

Roasted Chiles Already At Whole Foods

I think of chile roasting as being a fall event, but Whole Foods already has in-house roasted Hatch chiles, at least at the Pearl Street store.  Maybe the soaring popularity of roasted chiles is prompting them to roast earlier than usual, or maybe the crop is coming in earlier thanks to global warming.  In any case, it's not even the middle of August yet, but I'm seeing ominous signs of the end of summer.  With the torrid heat we've endured this summer, the possibility that Thursday won't even get out of the 70s is kind of welcome.  And one of my trees actually has a few leaves that have already turned.  Enjoy that fresh, local corn, squash, and tomatoes while you can, folks.  We'll be back to butternut squash before you know it.

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