Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekday Dinner Ideas

With a busy weekend as we look towards the end of summer, this will be super quick.  Tomorrow will be a simple chicken stir-fry over brown rice.  I've posted plenty of recipe possibilities in the past, but really, all you need is the chicken ($2.99 a pound at both Sprouts and Sunflower for boneless skinless breasts), a base of fresh ginger, garlic, and red chiles, and a whole bunch of organic veggies on top (organic broccoli $1.29 a pound at Sprouts and Sunflower), seasoned with soy sauce, hoisin sauce, or whatever.

Tuesday is our usual reheat of something big made over the weekend, which this week is our chile corn chowder.  I opted to do the one from my ancient recipe from the original Alfalfa's, but I'm also interested in the green chile corn chowder Mark Bittman featured on the Today Show this week.

We'll want pasta by Wednesday, and sticking with the summer bounty theme, it will be pasta with corn, zucchini, and tomatoes from the New York Times, with more corn from local Munson Farm.  Since our prior chowder was vegetarian, I'll add a bit of chicken or turkey sausage to this dish for the meat fans of the family.

Thursday will be a classic simple midweek meal, sauteed pork chops, using the center-cut ones on sale at Sprouts and Sunflower for $2.99 through Wednesday.  Some microwaved "baked" potatoes from the organic russets both stores have at $3.99 for a five pound bag would make a great side.  And maybe even more fresh corn on the cob from Munson Farm.

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