Friday, August 31, 2012

Weekend Dinner Ideas

With a busy Labor Day weekend ahead, this will be quick, but at the height of our summer produce, also seasonal!  I'm inclined towards incorporating Munson's corn into just about every meal while we have it, so with raw shrimp $3.99 a pound at Sprouts and Sunflower, tonight will be shrimp and corn pilaf from Bon Appetit.  I'll up the basil, considering how well my basil plants are doing.

Tomorrow we'll head out to the grill, and with boneless top sirloin just $3.99 a pound at both Sprouts and Sunflower, a good option is ginger-soy grilled steak, also from Bon Appetit.  Ears of fresh Munson corn to go with that, too.

With roasted Hatch chiles already available at Whole Foods, I'll try a recipe new to me on Sunday, corn and green chile chowder from the Food Network.  Doesn't get more seasonal than that.

Which quickly gets us through most of a long weekend, during which I'll practically be camping out at Munson's stand at 75th and Valmont.

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