Friday, June 6, 2014

Weekend Dinner Ideas

Simplistic but surely satisfying, so here's a sketch. Tonight will be those house-made salmon burgers that are on sale at Lucky's Markets in both Boulder and Longmont for an astonishing $1.99 each through Wednesday. With big chunks of salmon in them, I'd bet they'd break apart if placed on a grill, so doing them indoors tonight is also a good thing, given the black clouds that are starting to loom over Boulder. They do especially nicely on a bed of greens dressed with lemon and a touch of olive oil (I've found the Tuscan blend from Alfalfa's is particularly good for this sort of thing).

Tomorrow will be an indulgence in the bone-in ribeye steaks the Longmont Lucky's has for $5.98 a pound (they don't appear in the Boulder flyer). With this series of dark afternoons and the storms we've mostly avoided compared to Denver, hopefully tomorrow will be a decent grilling evening. If not, the steaks are cheap enough that it's no big deal if they wind up on the grill pan indoors, or in the broiler.

On Sunday, we'll need something to compensate for tomorrow's beef-fest. With arugula so seasonal and organic on-the-vine tomatoes $1.50 a pound at Sprouts, that's leading me to a vegetarian pasta dish, penne with arugula and tomatoes from Bon Appetit. After the steaks, think I'll up the veggie content by adding organic spinach as well, always a good deal at Lucky's and always available at Whole Foods for a couple of dollars more per pound, plus there's the likelihood of the Farmers' Market for both spinach and arugula.

Which gets us through a simple weekend.

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