Monday, June 16, 2014

What's Coming Out Of The Fields This Week

With my biweekly pickup schedule, this won't be my week for picking up my Red Wagon Organic Farm CSA selections, but their list is a pretty good indicator of what you can expect to see at the Boulder Farmers' Market as well. Here's this week's list. Meanwhile, I'm still trying to decide what to do with last week's collard greens. And the availability of sugar snap peas practically screams pasta with sugar snap peas, asparagus and parmesan from Bon Appetit, given that asparagus is just $1.98 a pound this week at Sprouts through Wednesday. But you won't catch me trying to shell a fava bean - that's just way more effort than I'm willing to put into cooking.

It’s Week 5 and the beets are here! This week we hope to bring you…Beets Loose
Regular Share
-Sugar Snap Peas
-Choice: Kale OR Chard OR Collards
-Choice: Shallots OR Garlic
-Choice: Braising mix OR Lettuce
-Choice: Baby Beets OR Fava Beans
-Herb choice: Basil OR Chives OR Cilantro OR Dill OR Mint OR Mixed Herb Bunch
Large Share Additions
-Baby Carrots
-Double Sugar Snap Peas
-Extra Choice: Kale OR Chard OR Collards

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