Monday, October 8, 2012

New Deals At Vitamin Cottage

I've finally had a breather to post something about the new sale at Vitamin Cottage (aka Natural Grocers) that lasts through November 3rd, and as usual, several items are particularly appealing.  I've already mentioned, with great enthusiasm, Imagine organic broths and cooking stocks for $2.49 (they come in a 32 ounce box).  We can hope for a teensy bit lower closer to the holidays, but for those of us who go through lots of it, this is really good news right now.  Other items looking especially good to me are Lundberg two pound organic rice bags (short, medium or long) for $2.49, Food for Life's Ezekiel breads $3.29 each, Amy's pizzas at various, but all significant, discounts, Annie's natural salad dressings (that presumably doesn't include the organics) $2.29, the big 28 ounce size can of Muir Glen organic tomatoes for $1.79 (stock up alert!), the big 25 ounce size of Westbrae organic canned beans for $1.89 (another stock up alert!), Seventh Generation TP 12-packs for $6.79 (which you'll find for $9.99 or higher elsewhere), and a new Seventh Generation laundry liquid product, 50 ounces at 4x concentration for $12.99 each.  If you can resist the urge to keep pouring in the same old amount of product, the cool packaging on this new one says, "This bottle uses 66% less plastic than a typical 100 oz 2x laundry bottle & washes the same number of loads!"  Excellent.

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