Friday, October 12, 2012

Weekend Dinner Ideas

With little to no time, and not even a firm set of plans, here's a quick whack at our ideas for dinner this weekend.  I'd wanted to try some of that farmed fresh salmon from Sprouts out on the grill, since it's only $3.99 a pound, but with rain threatening, I'm thinking of skipping the grill this weekend.  Instead, for tonight, we'll crank up the oven for sea bass with artichokes, zucchini and tomatoes from Bon Appetit.  No need to use sea bass (and I think it's hard to find any that isn't endangered anyway), so we'll substitute either the haddock that Sprouts has for $5.99 a pound, or cod, if they have it.

Not going out on the grill reminds me that I wanted to get another air chilled whole chicken while Whole Foods still has them at nearly half price, $1.49 a pound, through Tuesday, since the one we had last week was such a hit.  Roasting a chicken tomorrow doesn't need a recipe, and a mix of organic winter veggies roasting along side it doesn't either.

Sunday will be a big stew, and there I'm conflicted.  I'm inclined towards New Mexican chile verde from Cooking Light while we still have freshly roasted chiles in abundance (although my freezer is already well stocked, too).  But there's a kale and white bean stew (no time to go out to get the link) from Food and Wine magazine that's calling me as well at this time of year.  Better to have two competing possibilities than no idea at all.

And that's a quick wrap, so to speak.

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