Monday, October 1, 2012

Imagine Broth For Less

I know I'm not the only Boulderite who's a big fan of Imagine's wonderful organic broths and stocks as cooking staples.  With the lengthy expiration dates on its boxes, we lay in as large a supply as we can during the competitive sales around the holidays, but that stock is long gone.  (Although it's only a few more weeks until this year's round should get started.)  With an everyday price in the mid-$3's ($3.69 at Whole Foods), it's a fairly pricey commodity to be using in quantity (Whole Foods' own brand, while not as good in my estimation, is a fair substitute at $1.99 a box in a pinch).  Whole Foods' current Whole Deal coupon flyer, copies of which you'll find throughout the store, comes to the rescue with a $1 off coupon that's good through November 30th.  It won't help for laying in a large quantity, but I've been picking up a box on every shopping trip recently.  I've also just made a very interesting discovery.  I certainly haven't been trying to scam the system, but I don't wear my reading glasses while shopping, and have been merrily picking up one box per trip and getting $1 off.  Having my reading glasses on to write this blog post, I see that the coupon actually says that it's $1 off any two Imagine products.  In all innocence, I can say that it has been working with just one.

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